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  • Sarah moore - Cool toy

    We got this for our foster son who is just discovering the fun to be had with legos, and this is the highlight of his day! He cannot wait to open the next door, and spends a few minutes each day playing with them. It is a bit pricey, but imo well worth it!

  • Orange Circle - Great hole saw for recessed lighting

    The EZ Hole worked great for cutting recessed lighting into a lath and plaster ceiling. There was limited amount of dust that escaped from the housing, and made clean up very simple. The holes were nice and round, with just a little bit of chipping. The cut out of plaster also comes off easily as this tool has a single blade that rotates. There are a few things to take into consideration when using this product.

  • bmcclure - Does the Job

    This mount is cheap but well-built for the price. I have full confidence in the mount to hold my 55" plasma TV (which is heavier than the newer, thinner LED TVs). Once the mount was lagged into my studs I hung from it with my full body weight (175lbs).

  • srb63dive - GPS Device not compatable with 64 bit systems

    After wasting hours, loading and reloading the device driver I went to Microsoft Help where there are many posts from other people with 64 bit operating systems with the same problem. If Microsoft is not going to fix a well known problem, the least they should do is mention it will only work with 32bit OS in the system requirements.

  • M. Finn - This worked second time around

    We adopted two cats from a rescue shelter, a male first and then a female a couple of days later. They got along okay in the beginning but became more and more jealous of each other. The male had to be the boss of everything...food, toys and attention. The female started getting back at him about two months later by wetting in his favorite hang-out spots on the floor and then on my husband's leather recliner. I tried Nature's Miracle on the carpet first but it didn't work. The smell was still there and she went back and wet on the same spot.