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Belew Drugs | Family of Pharmacies in East Tennessee - Locally owned and family run, and now with 3 locations, we are Knoxville’s trusted local independent pharmacy.

  • http://www.belewdrugs.com/about/ About | Belew Drugs, Inc. - Belew Drug History Belew Drug is an independent, family owned pharmacy that has been a staple in the community since 1965. The original location was founded by
  • http://www.belewdrugs.com/testimonials/ Testimonials | Belew Drugs, Inc. - Customer Reviews Belew Drugs Reviews "Exceptionally good at what they do. You have my business for as long as I live!" "Belew Drug has treated me
  • http://www.belewdrugs.com/contact/ Contact | Belew Drugs, Inc. - Contact Belew Drug Find Your Location BROADWAY 2021 N. Broadway Knoxville, TN 37917 Map & Directions (865) 525-4189 ASHEVILLE HWY 8622
  • http://www.belewdrugs.com/programs/ Programs | Belew Drugs, Inc. - Belew Drug offers many different programs to customize your experience. Diabetes Care Club: Get up to 100 FREE lancet and test strips each month! 6,12:
  • http://www.belewdrugs.com/612-2/ 6,12 | Belew Drugs, Inc. - SAVE MONEY on Prescriptions with 6,12! WHAT IS 6,12? In the 6,12 program we offer 4, 6, 9 and 12 months supply of certain generic medications at a
  • http://www.belewdrugs.com/diabetes-care-club/ Diabetes Care Club | Belew Drugs, Inc. - Diabetes Care Club Get up to 100 FREE lancets and test strips each month* All members get a FREE meter once a year and 100 FREE lancets per
  • http://www.belewdrugs.com/services/ez-sync-rx/ EZ Sync Rx™ | Belew Drugs, Inc. - EZ Sync Rx™ The mission of Belew Drugs Family of Pharmacies is to provide exceptional patient care services that will promote health and well-being in a
  • http://www.belewdrugs.com/precision-pak/ Precision Pak™ | Belew Drugs, Inc. - Precision Pak™ from Belew Drug “We Manage Your Medications So You Can Live Your Life!” Prescriptions are delivered to you in an easy to read, easy to open
  • http://www.belewdrugs.com/ed-drug/ ED Drug | Belew Drugs, Inc. - Low Cost Alternative to Viagra®! Sildenafil $80 vs. Viagra® $300 (Get 50 Sildenafil 20mg tablets vs. 10 Viagra® 100mg tablets)   3x the savings, 3x
  • http://www.belewdrugs.com/services/ Services | Belew Drugs, Inc. - Specialty Services For over 50 years, we have focused on the customer by caring for their health and well being. Customer care is at the heart of what we do
  • http://www.belewdrugs.com/custom-fittings/ Custom Fittings | Belew Drugs, Inc. - Custom Fitting Services MASTECTOMY BOUTIQUE Belew Drugs is proud to be a woman’s top choice for post mastectomy fittings & products. As a part of
  • http://www.belewdrugs.com/belew-gives-back/delivery/ Delivery | Belew Drugs, Inc. - Delivery Service We want to make your life easier! Let Belew come to you. We will deliver your prescription at no additional charge to most surrounding areas*
  • http://www.belewdrugs.com/services/immunizations/ Immunizations | Belew Drugs, Inc. - Belew Drugs Immunizations All three of our locations offer multiple immunizations. Influenza vaccine (Flu) Pneumococcal vaccine (Pneumonia) Herpes
  • http://www.belewdrugs.com/services/online-refills/ Online Refills | Belew Drugs, Inc. - Online Refills REGISTER Resister online with us and authenticate your pharmacy refill account. REVIEW Review your existing
  • http://www.belewdrugs.com/compounding/ Compounding | Belew Drugs, Inc. - Human Compounding Compounding is the art and science behind preparing personalized medications from scratch using individual ingredients to meet the unique and
  • http://www.belewdrugs.com/compounding/hormones/ Hormones | Belew Drugs, Inc. - Hormone Replacement Are you considering trying Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)? Hormone replacement is for both men and women and can be comprised of many
  • http://www.belewdrugs.com/compounding/medications/ Medications | Belew Drugs, Inc. - Medication Compounding Here at Belew Drugs we compound many medications in specific strengths, concentrations, quantities, and application forms. Here is a
  • http://www.belewdrugs.com/belew-gives-back/ Belew Gives Back | Belew Drugs, Inc. - Belew Gives Back! The Belew Drug Family of Pharmacies is committed to supporting the families that live in the communities we serve. We consistently seek out
  • http://www.belewdrugs.com/belew-gives-back/backpacks/ Backpacks | Belew Drugs, Inc. - Belew's Backpack Program Belew Drug is committed to giving back to the community and began an annual donation to area schools in 2012 with The Belew Drug
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  • Totobaz - Not worth the price.

    I honestly can't tell if this pillow case helps with breakouts. It's a soft material and feels nice. The scent is very faint and after a couple washes you don't even remember there having been one. The size is SMALL. Make sure you don't throw this in the dryer or else it will get even smaller. The edges of the pillow case wrinkle up and there's no going back. Overall I don't feel like it's worth such a steep price for one pillow case.

  • Kolya - Thoroughly researched and with good background history of the USA and past history

    A frightening review of current World events and what could possibly be in store for all human kind within this decade. Thoroughly researched and with good background history of the USA and past history. Well worth reading to get the lowdown facts on who is behind what in the secret shadow governments.

  • kelly rhue - Very helpful and insightful

    Very helpful book when you are taking a really good look at your life and trying to figure out what is really important. I bought the ebook, but wish I would of gotten the "real"book. There were so many spots that I would of liked to go back to reference, or make notes and that is hard to do with the ebook.

  • NicoleU - It's alright.

    I'm black. I like to put this in my hair after using a hair moisturizer & then put on a silk cap and in the morning my hair feels really smooth/soft and FLAT (which I like for the average day). I bought this from Amazon about a year ago, and to this day I've only used about 1/4 of it. A little really goes a long way. I also was attracted to this price. It's FREAKING cheap via Amazon. At least, relatively to what it is in stores. I'm not sure if this made any real difference to my hair or protection of my hair before styling but I do like the feeling of it.