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Beaumont Health System | Part of Beaumont Health - Beaumont Health System includes three hospitals and several community-based medical centers and nursing homes in Southeast Michigan.

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  • Amazon Customer - Good anthology!

    This is the best annual from the past several years. Good variety of stories by new and well-known writers. My writer's group reads and discusses a couple of stories each time we meet and we have found a lot to talk about.

  • Sara Lynn G - REAL DOSE

    It was a huge waste of money for me. It didn't suppress my appetite a bit, nor did I lose any weight when I consumed this supplement. I will not repurchase this.

  • figit - great product but having a problem.

    It does everything it says it will, great product, However after my dog figured out to put the ball in it, the sound it makes when launching the ball scares her and she wont put the ball in it. I am trying to get her to do it and she understands what I want her to do but she just wont do it because of the sound, which is not real loud or anything but it is enough to scare her and she is a stubborn border collie with a mind of her own. and expensive lesson indeed. if you know your dog will not be bothered by the sound you will love this. I would have never though my dog would be bothered as she is not bothered by any other sounds, I think it is because it is so close to her face. I wish it had a 5 second delay or something

  • E. Greenstreet - Great cover!

    This cover is exactly what we were looking for. It is so easy to open and return to full cover. Unlike soft, rail type tanneau covers, it always closes securely without any issues. Completely waterproof too, as it has been tested many times over the years. It's a great cover.

  • ariel - it takes 5 trys to get my sign in page

    i have called webroot on this they have not fixed the problem so far.. we thought it was fixed because it works if i reboot