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  • epping - It Works!

    This thing must work. I keep a car at a lake that I visit about once a month. This summer, on a visit, I found the car wouldn't start and found that squirrels had chewed up the wiring. It cost me around $900 to have the whole wiring harness replaced. I bought one of these Pest Repellers and the damn thing works! The car has sat for the last 3 weeks undisturbed!

  • Joseph A. Reggettz - Beautiful, but needed professional setup.

    Bought one of these for my son for his Birthday/Xmas present. Beautiful. Only issue I had was the setup of the nut. One string was way too low. Took to luthier rather than return and they did a complete setup and it looks and plays beautiful. My son loves it. I expected to need to set it up, but did not expect to need the nut adjusted. It is one fine guitar though.

  • Judith - Infuriating database

    I have been using ACT since 1996. Many kinks in terms of operation but when working, great database solution.

  • C. kendall - My 4 year old grandson thought it looked like a shaver and tried it on his chin

    CAUTION! This may be safe on a balloon, but not a child's face. I bought one of these for my daughter-in-law. My 4 year old grandson thought it looked like a shaver and tried it on his chin. It took a square chunk of flesh out of his chin. I told them to throw it in the trash.