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B-Training - Somos uma empresa de consultoria estratégica de gestão de pessoas e trabalhamos na implementação integrada de soluções de excelência, apoiadas pelos princípios da Formação e Desenvolvimento de Adultos, que permitam o apoio sustentado aos nossos clientes.

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  • Sarah Montoya - Super disappointing - 1 month after warranty expires, motor quits.

    So disappointed with this blender. In my 15 years of using blenders, I have had everything from Oster to Cuisinart to Hamilton Beach. Of them all, believe it or not, the Oster held up the longest, even though it was the cheapest model out there.

  • A. Quinn - Beautiful as Usual

    The sparkle never dims on any of my Swarovski Christmas ornaments! They are so lovely, that some of my friends who own annual Christmas pieces, hang them in their kitchen window all year long! I just might start doing the same! Great investment as well.

  • Reduan - Good enough for light duty and the price

    I purchased two of these, which I will need to use for a couple of months instead of my range, while other appliances (ovens and microwave) are functional. The main purpose is frying and braising. I decided to buy this one instead of a more expensive one due to lack of clear information and shipping concerns on others.


    Although the content of the book didn't surprise me, I was nonetheless impressed with the research and data the author provided. It is unfortunate that so much of our population has drifted away from some level of refinement to a much cruder behavior by many. One can only hope that things might shift back the other way someday...but I'm not going to hold my breath.

  • Amanda - Love it!

    It is really nice, I really like it, but I wish they weren't all 45's, the sound comes out a bit quicker than usual. All the album art was neat though.

  • Austin - No visible improvement

    When it says subtle it truly is so subtle I cant see any form of improvement after all 14 days (and i took pictures), I do not recommend this product to anyone,a huge waist of 30$. The stuff my sister purchases from the dollar store makes her teeth 100% whiter than mine after the second box of this stuff. I used it perfectly to the instructions and am thoroughly disappointed.

  • dmof10 - It's okay

    The mask was effective in what it is suppose to do, but it will not get rid of your acne. It can be used a good mask to tighten your pores, but it will not cure your problem. This product is a nice mask but clearing your acne will take something else.