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Factory-Wide Solutions | ATS Automation - From product assembly & testing to specialized processing machinery, we offer an extensive range of technology to deliver turnkey manufacturing solutions.

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  • mmb00 - Don't waste your money!

    I got this for Christmas this year and it worked and straightened my hair fine without leaving any frizz. I didn't even have it for a month and it fell off a small table onto the carpet and both ceramic plates broke. I was very disappointed. Wouldn't recommend spending this kind of money on this product.

  • Natasha - I love this seat

    I feel my really good about putting my baby in this car seat. It is not only super durable and safe; it didn't smell like chemicals when I got it out of the box. Clek seats supposedly have some of the lowest toxin levels in the foam and fabric. It was somewhat easy to put together and install. Watch the install videos on YouTube before installing to save yourself some frustration. I Didn't tell my husband how the latch system works, so upon trying to figure it out without a Manuel he broke the foam padding on the seat cushion in half, but it doesn't compromise the safety of the seat. I love how simple and plain it looks. We bought Ink and its a great color. Not too bright. I would recommend the Fllo to anyone and I would buy it again.

  • pauljolly65 - Cool idea but it's difficult to mold Suguru to look ...

    Cool idea but it's difficult to mold Suguru to look as neat as the photos show. Plus, it only lasts for six months when refrigerated; if you're going to use it all the time, you'll probably like it. For me, it's much more convenient to have 5-6 of the mini krazy glue tubes on hand for the occasional small repairs that I might use Suguru for.

  • Chris Rosado - Works if strategically used

    Works if used correctly. However, You can not be saturated with toxins and expect this to work. Great for light users of green stuff.

  • Diane Bradbury - Beautiful case that is stylish

    Beautiful case that is stylish, holds my id and a couple credit cards and seems like it should handle more that just protection against a scratch or a bump. I really love this case. The magnetic opening for card storage is a new feature for me. The case is built solid and the closure snaps back easily and securely. The openings are all in the right places and access for the charger is not hindered in any way. The case only costs a few more bucks than some of the cheaper ones, but really looks great and gets the job done and then some. This is a great case and I highly recommend it.

  • Glenn Hunter - Very Quiet at a great price

    I told my wife I was going outside of our fifth wheel to start the generator (located about 20 feet from where she was reading). I came back in and she said "I thought you were going to start the generator". Long story - short - This generator is quiet and starts on my first pull (so far) I highly recommend this and Amazon had a great price and $280. Note the 30 amp receptical is dryer style, not RV. You will need a converter. There are some youtube videos on this unit.