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  • Mrs. C. - Accurate and great for BP history

    I use mine with my iPad. This is the second one I bought. Our son is a runner and he loves it for checking and keeping a record of his heart rate. I gave him the first one to take to college and bought a second one for us. I use mine to keep a record of my BP. I've been using it for over a year and I've been able to see some trends in my BP throughout the year.

  • Arya - Does what it says but be careful if u have oily skin.

    A small pump is enough to cover complete face and neck. I'm using it after derma roller and it leave my face very oily. I need to wipe my face with a tissue every 20 minutes to make sure there isn't excess oil on my face because I have oily skin on face and it leads to acne in few hours if I let the oil sit on my face. Works well but extremely oily.

  • Rokdog - One of the best

    We bought this, the Clerk Ozzi, and the Combi Coccoro to go in the back of our 2013 Subaru Legacy and they fit perfectly. This combination came from reviews we saw online. We hadn't bought expensive car seats before, just cheap safety first ones but what a difference. We bought this as open box but could find absolutely nothing wrong with it. Fit and finish is top notch. My only complaint would be how tall it sits in the car but we knew that before we purchased it. We liked it so much that wee bought the Ozzi booster too. After using this we feel it is one of the best brands out there. Definitely worth the extra cost as we feel confident the kids would be safe in the event of an accident.

  • Chandra Carey - scotch gard

    the scotch gard seems like it works really well...just be sure to leave some windows up when using due to the strong smell.

  • Amazon Customer - Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war.

    A wonderful offering for those who need a light to heavy duty gastro-intestinal cleansing. Perfect for any kind of lower GI test preparation. Make sure you have plenty of TP, a powerful flush capability and an O2 mask. DO NOT light a match to clear the air as this may cause gases to detonate. You may wish to warn your neighbors of the forthcoming sounds of pain that may emit from your home followed by the smell of curry, corned beef and something decaying under the house. If Febreze can come out with a Harbo Gummi Bear counter smell spray, I would suggest buying that with the gummi bears from south of Mordor. On a positive note, I think I have my Christmas shopping done for this year.