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Araguaia Notícia :: Barra do Garças - Website de notícias de Barra do Garças com cobertura regional do Vale do Araguaia e dos estados de Mato Grosso e Goiás

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City: -46.9333 Sao Paulo, Brazil

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    Very happy with this flashlight. It's a great size, sturdy construction, it's waterproof and the light output is amazing! Very very happy. Thanks EdisonBright!

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  • R. M. Hudspeth - Meets the need

    Finally a replacement for a version that would not work on Windows 7. Not as customizable as the Cardoza program it replaced, but then again, I couldn't use that one anymore, so truly "better than nothing."

  • weiden1 - Thanks.

    Like the song very much. I would prefer that I could just download the song and not have to fool with "The Cloud".