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Medications For Alcoholism - A Prescription for Alcoholics - Medications for Alcoholism. There are FDA-approved drugs that treat alcoholism. Finally, the first book about medication

  • http://www.aprescriptionforalcoholics.com/free-chapter-and-release-announcement/ About A Prescription For Alcoholics | - There are FDA-approved drugs that treat alcoholism. For decades, hundreds of research studies conducted by leading scientists and scientific institutions have
  • http://www.aprescriptionforalcoholics.com/author/ About The Author | - Linda Burlison is the author of the first book about medications for the treatment of alcoholism.
  • http://www.aprescriptionforalcoholics.com/free/ A Free Excerpt From A Prescription For Alcoholics | - You can download a sample of the book from Amazon for free. Unfortunately, Amazon’s free sample version doesn’t include an example of the detailed information
  • http://www.aprescriptionforalcoholics.com/buy/ How To Purchase | - A Prescription for Alcoholics – Medications for Alcoholism is now available worldwide in both paperback and kindle editions here.
  • http://www.aprescriptionforalcoholics.com/resources/ Free Information – Books, Articles, Forums | - Simply follow these links to many of the resources I’ve identified in the book:
  • http://www.aprescriptionforalcoholics.com/help/ How To Help | - Why don’t people know about the life-saving medications written about in A Prescription for Alcoholics – Medications for Alcoholism? Why do alcoholics die every
  • http://www.aprescriptionforalcoholics.com/uncategorized/global-book-launch-announcement/ Global Book Launch | - We are pleased to announce the global book launch for A Prescription for Alcoholics – Medications for Alcoholism. The first comprehensive book about medications
  • http://www.aprescriptionforalcoholics.com/uncategorized/skeptical/ Read About The Medications In CNN, Scientific American & Time Magazine | - A number of articles about medications for treating alcoholism have been published in the popular press. The idea of using medication to treat alcoholism has
  • http://www.aprescriptionforalcoholics.com/uncategorized/recommended-books/ Recommended Books About Medication For Alcoholism | - If you’d like to read more about medications for the treatment of alcoholism there are very few books available on the topic. But the few that are available
  • http://www.aprescriptionforalcoholics.com/uncategorized/289/ Learn About FDA-Approved Medications To Reduce Drinking | - A Prescription for Alcoholics – Medications for Alcoholism includes extensive information on over 14 different FDA-approved medications which have been shown to
  • http://www.aprescriptionforalcoholics.com/uncategorized/you-dont-need-a-kindle-to-read-a-kindle-book/ Available In Kindle Version | - A Prescription for Alcoholics is available from Amazon in digital format. The benefit to you of buying it this way is that you can get the book immediately, and
  • http://www.aprescriptionforalcoholics.com/resources/newspaper-magazine-articles-press-releases/ Newspaper, Magazine Articles & Press Releases | - 2015 – AA Saved My Life But Now I’ve Lost My Faith – The Guardian 2015 – Drugs for Alcoholism Don’t Have to Lead to Sobriety – Bloomberg Business 2015 – The

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  • Joe Ottoson - Not the best viewing angles

    The monitor seems to have wonky viewing angles compared to my Dell Ultrasharp IPS. If I lean forward in my chair, I start getting color shifting which isn't something I'd expect to see from an IPS panel. It's fine when I'm viewing it head on, but that sweet spot's so narrow.

  • Melanie Turnbull - Love/Hate Relatuonship with I'm Judging You: LOVE-LOVE relationship with Luvvie

    I'll start by saying that I'm a part of Luvvie's online community and I usually hang on to her every word because she's an undeniable genius. However, I struggled through this book. The number of metaphors used for minor topics and subtopics was mentally exhausting. BUT! The book had many funny moments and I laughed and highlighted my way through it. I didn't really gain new insight from this book ,which was disappointing, probably because I share ALL of the same views as the author. I had to constantly remind myself that her revelations should be applauded because it's not common knowledge even if I found it basic. I would describe this book as a carefree, scattered, brainstorming session. But I think that could be refreshing in this mundane world of order and structure. I loved and hated this book, with a way stronger lean towards love. Overall, i will still buy anything she ever writes, but I was hoping for a little more with this one.


    I have used this software for many years. I signed up and noticed the next year there was a charge on my credit card. Thing is, it was to 39.99, the full blown price. I let it go but unsubscribed to automatic billing. When time came to resub, I found a deal and it would not install because my old subscription had the old number attached. After waiting and hour on the phone, the guy told me to install and uninstall it two times, and "Uncheck" the part that said "do you want to keep your old subscription number.

  • bookcrazy_heather - Amazingly Punked!

    There is so much to say about the truth in this story of finding out who we think we want to be, how we want others to perceive us to be, and who we truly are. It breaks my hear to think of those kids who have been bullied and didn't have a message of "you are not alone, it will get better, you cannot be replaced, Hold On" Every parent should pass that message on to their children! Thank you so much for this very real story!

  • Mark in NC - No recourse for failing to refund money

    If you like buying from a company that doesn't have human beings dealing with your complaint or problem, then Roxio is the company for you. I bought a PC product for a Mac computer by mistake and tried to get a refund within 5 minutes of the purchase. I filled out all of their forms, but their computer said my order number was invalid. There's no phone number for customer service on their website, so I googled my problem and found a third party company that handles their complaints and got someone who said they'd refund my money. Never happened. I've spent hours trying to get my 100 bucks back, which is probably by design.

  • STATSRT - Prius No Onger Just Another Hybrid

    Outstanding, should be classified as a sports care versus a hybrid based on driving experience and quality components. In city miles per gallon 60 to 70 with average speed 42. Highway 50-52. This is my second Prius, had a 2010 before this, and the difference is noticeable in all areas.