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Applied Maths | Manage. Analyze. Discover. - Applied Maths develops since 1992 professional software for the biological sciences with emphasis on data integration, platform technology and networking.

  • http://www.applied-maths.com/about-applied-maths About Applied Maths | Applied Maths - Applied Maths develops cutting-edge software for the biosciences. The company has gained worldwide recognition with its software packages BioNumerics and GelCompar II.
  • http://www.applied-maths.com/references References | Applied Maths - Applied Maths has built an impressive base of academic and industrial customers.
  • http://www.applied-maths.com/software Our software products | Applied Maths - Applied Maths develops cutting-edge software for the biosciences. Our unique portfolio of Bioinformatics applications has proven its value in everyday use in thousands of research sites worldwide.
  • http://www.applied-maths.com/bionumerics BioNumerics Seven: a unique software platform | Applied Maths - Discover BioNumerics, the only software platform that offers integrated analysis of all major applications in bioinformatics.
  • http://www.applied-maths.com/bionumerics/modules BioNumerics Seven modules | Applied Maths - BioNumerics is a modular software package. By selecting from the available Data and Analysis modules, it can be customized to your research needs.
  • http://www.applied-maths.com/applications BioNumerics Seven applications | Applied Maths - The BioNumerics software has numerous applications in biological research. The most popular uses are described here, but many others exist.
  • http://www.applied-maths.com/gelcompar-ii GelCompar II: Gel electrophoresis software | Applied Maths - GelCompar II from Applied Maths is the classical gel electrophoresis software package.
  • http://www.applied-maths.com/bionumerics-server BioNumerics Server | Applied Maths - BioNumerics Server: Powerful Client-Server solution for secure exchange and analysis of biological data.
  • http://www.applied-maths.com/genemaths-xt GeneMaths XT | Applied Maths - Pure and strong mathematics for high-throughput analysis of gene expression data.
  • http://www.applied-maths.com/what-we-offer What we offer | Applied Maths - Applied Maths offers training, data analysis and script development services to its customers.
  • http://www.applied-maths.com/training-workshops Workshops | Applied Maths - Scheduled workshops and training courses on the BioNumerics or GelCompar II software.
  • http://www.applied-maths.com/onsite-training On-site training | Applied Maths - Applied Maths organizes custom-tailored on-site training courses on theoretical and practical themes.
  • http://www.applied-maths.com/data-analysis Data analysis services | Applied Maths - Applied Maths offers a service of having your data analyzed at an hourly rate.
  • http://www.applied-maths.com/script-development Custom script development | Applied Maths - Applied Maths develops custom scripts at an hourly rate, either in BioNumerics' own scripting language or in the Python programming language.
  • http://www.applied-maths.com/order-now Order now | Applied Maths - Find a distributor. Request price quotes, free trial licenses or upgrade license strings. Order Calculation Engine credits.
  • http://www.applied-maths.com/distributors Find a distributor | Applied Maths - Find a distributor of the BioNumerics and GelCompar II software in your country via the interactive world map or from the list.
  • http://www.applied-maths.com/quote-request Quote request | Applied Maths - Please fill out this form to receive a price quote for our BioNumerics, GelCompar II, GeneMaths XT or BioNumerics Server software.
  • http://www.applied-maths.com/obtain-free-evaluation-software-license Obtain a free evaluation software license | Applied Maths - Complete this form to obtain a free fully functional evaluation license for a BioNumerics or GelCompar II software package.
  • http://www.applied-maths.com/request-upgrade-license-string Request upgrade license string | Applied Maths - Please fill out this form to receive a license string for an upgrade of your BioNumerics, GelCompar II, GeneMaths XT or Kodon software.
  • http://www.applied-maths.com/support Premium support at Applied Maths | Applied Maths - Applied Maths has a very professional and experienced support team in its offices in Belgium and the United States.

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