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    City: 8.1551 , Switzerland

  • Hannah Louise - The one thing my hair can't live without

    I spend a lot of money on my hair and I have tried many, many different hair products. I just love trying out different things, but I ALWAYS have this on hand. there is nothing else that compares to this stuff! I use it before I blow dry my hair and it works great! It keeps my hair smooth, instead of that dry, damaged look a lot of blondes have, but it doesn't make my hair oily looking or weigh my hair down. It also doesn't make it feel like it has product in it after it's dry. I tried the "It's a 10" stuff everyone raves about and it made my hair feel stiff kind of after it was dry, like it had a bunch of product in it, but I didn't use a bunch. I've used after party for years now and it's the one hair product I never go without!

  • S. D. - Worked great. The ink was actually darker than my original ...

    Just received this today. Opened, installed, tested. Worked great. The ink was actually darker than my original HP cartridge.

  • Alpha99 - Disappointed

    We were disappointed to learn that the daily puzzle/questions found on the back of each cartoon are no longer present.

  • terry - Jury is still out...

    Just got my device and I bought it to make it easy to keep up with my reading without having to record them where I can get to them on my phone. It seems to be good for that purpose but not sure how accurate it is... which I need more time to test. If you have a case on your phone you might be in trouble like I am. I had to remove it from my case to get it to work, plan on trying my ipad next which might work better since the case if different.