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AplusA | Leader français des études de marché santé - AplusA is a medical market research firm conducting customized primary market research studies worldwide, with a particular expertise in KPI trackers.

  • http://www.aplusa.fr/pourquoi-choisir-aplusa/plus-dexpertise/les-kpi-trackers/ Brand KPI Trackers in Pharma | AplusA - Brand KPIs are specific parameters, which are followed over time, to assess brand performance and guide marketing actions.
  • http://www.aplusa.fr/pourquoi-choisir-aplusa/plus-dexpertise/le-quantitatif-dopinions/ Specialty Pharma Markets & Hospital Market Research | AplusA - AplusA's deep knowledge of Specialty Pharma Markets & Hospital Market Research will maximize the marketing research insights you receive from your study when you partner with us.
  • http://www.aplusa.fr/pourquoi-choisir-aplusa/plus-dexpertise/les-acteurs-du-domaine-de-la-sante/ Stakeholders in Healthcare | AplusA - AplusA has been interviewing multiple stakeholders in healthcare, from the most challenging to the most forthcoming, for over 24 years.
  • http://www.aplusa.fr/pourquoi-choisir-aplusa/plus-dexpertise/au-dela-des-produits/ Global Market Research in Healthcare | AplusA - AplusA’s 24 years of experience conducting global market research for the healthcare industry has given us the opportunity to manage studies in over 70 worldwide markets.
  • http://www.aplusa.fr/pourquoi-choisir-aplusa/nos-responsables-projets/ Meet our International Project Leaders | AplusA - AplusA has experiences its continued success thanks to its strong team of people. Come meet the AplusA team!
  • http://www.aplusa.fr/ressources/publications/ Scientific Publications | AplusA - Below you will find a list of several, scientific publications that have been based on AplusA market research data collection.

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  • Robert - Excellent charger

    I've got four of these laying around now. When converting over to usb-c, these will help. They don't cost as much as some competitors, and work just as well. Haven't had any issues with the dozen or so usb-c phones I've used them with.

  • GT500 - The generic brands are the same and CHEAPER. Don't ...

    The generic brands are the same and CHEAPER. Don't listen to the baloney that you have to apply it twice. My doctor swore that once is enough. It doesn't work on the front of the scalp Give yourself at least 6 months to see some results.

  • LiliRoze - WOW and WOW! - Such a great buy for the cost!

    I grew up on a standard Singer "workhorse" sewing machine, and this portable one is a dream, and works every bit as well as I hoped, and more so! Very portable and light, even. Sews super-fast (1100 stitches per minute!) and very sturdy and easy to thread and wind bobbin. Make sure you purchase the proper Singer plastic bobbins. The metal ones just dont fit right (it comes with extra babbins, so you wont have to buy them right away). Be careful to LOOK for the axxessory pack! it is hidden inside the arm of the machine -- you have to take take off the bottom portion (as though sewing a cuff or pantleg) and then open a hidden compartment. I think I actually said a secret word to finally get it open. I paid $120 and it was a steal as far as I'm concerned.

  • Amazon Customer - Bad side effects

    I have been using them for two months with absolutely no change. I didn't mind at first because the pills are full of vitamins until I noticed that one of the ingredients is aspartame which is a known carcinogen. I also developed extreme muscle spasms that made everything from sitting down to sleeping completely painful. The spasms would only happen while I was taking the pills but when I stopped them for two weeks the spasms stopped. They returned immediately after taking another pill. I know that my reaction to the pills may be very rare but the aspartame alone is enough to not buy the product again.