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HGH Therapy & Testosterone Treatment Medical Center | AAG - Learn how human growth hormone, testosterone, hgh therapy and other hormone replacement therapy can benefit you and improve your overall health.

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  • Chris - Pleasantly surprised!!

    So I have to say I was initially skeptical about the product. I have tried tons of diets and exercise and struggled for years to drop weight. My girlfriend went on HCG so I decided to try this at a fraction of the cost and was completely blown away. She has paid close to $1,000 for an eight week program and I bought this bottle. I have to say in 13 days I was down 18lbs!!! I'm not grossly overweight and only have about 30 lbs. to lose but at the rate I m going I think I am going to try and push for a full 40 lbs. This product works surprisingly well and tastes great. My favorite part is I don't have to get shots like my girlfriend and I have lost 3 times more weight than her in the same amount of time. I will definitely be recommending this to all my friends and family and will continue to order this product for myself over and over again until I reach my goal and maybe even beyond.

  • Sarah - Love this stuff!

    I refuse to do my hair without using this stuff anymore. The smell is great, it leaves my hair feeling soft and healthy. And a bottle will last me a long time. I would HIGHLY recommend this product!!

  • Poorolguy - Arrived in GREAT condition, the battery I purchased for the the ...

    Arrived in GREAT condition,the battery I purchased for the the box(27 series) fits perfectly,haven't got to put it to use as of yet on the Hobie yak but if it preforms in use as well as it looks out of the box I will be more than satisfied.Will leave another review once I had a chance to put to work.Happy Charging:)

  • hangten - Good for home. Bad for Planes

    I have had the clek fllo for a month now and overall, I do love it as a car seat. The Fllo fixed majority of the "issues" that people had with the Foonf. I had the Foonf, and had to return it because it wouldn't fit in any of my vehicles (Prius, 4runner and Accord) and for several other reasons/issues that are well known about the Foonfs.

  • Amazon Customer - I don't know of one time the book helped me better than any websites

    I tried over and over to use this book, but it wasn't nearly as helpful as any websites I found. I don't know of one time the book helped me better than any websites. I would have preferred to only use the book but it just wasn't helpful enough.