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Animas UK & Ireland - Insulin Pumps - Diabetes Pumps - Animas produces insulin pumps which are designed for the management of insulin-requiring Type1 diabetes in adults and paediatric patients.

  • https://www.animascorp.co.uk/insulin-pumps/vibe-insulin-pump Animas® Vibe® Insulin Pump | Animas UK & Ireland - Discover the Animas® Vibe® Insulin Pump & Dexcom G4® PLATINUM CGM System for managing Type 1 diabetes. View the features, benefits & how it works here!
  • https://www.animascorp.co.uk/insulin-pump-therapy Insulin Pump Therapy - Insulin Pumps | Animas UK & Ireland - Learn all about insulin pump therapy, how insulin pumps work, benefits vs. multiple daily injections, pumping tips, how to manage life with a pump & more.
  • https://www.animascorp.co.uk/insulin-pumps/compare-insulin-pumps Compare insulin pumps | Animas UK & Ireland - Not all insulin pumps are the same! See how the Animas® Vibe® Insulin Pump & CGM System features compare to other insulin pumps on the market. Read more.
  • https://www.animascorp.co.uk/type-1-diabetes/lifestyle Type 1 Diabetes Lifestyle | Animas UK & Ireland - Type 1 diabetes should not affect your lifestyle negatively. Find out about how to manage your lifestyle with Type 1 diabetes with our helpful guides here!
  • https://www.animascorp.co.uk/type-1-diabetes/lifestyle/exercising-with-an-insulin-pump Exercising with an Insulin Pump | Animas UK & Ireland - Learn how to exercise with an insulin pump and keep fit whilst controlling your blood glucose levels here! Please consult your healthcare professional.
  • https://www.animascorp.co.uk/type-1-diabetes/lifestyle/sleeping-with-an-insulin-pump Sleeping with an Insulin Pump | Animas UK & Ireland - Learn how to sleep with an insulin pump, how insulin pumps keep your blood sugar levels in control while you sleep & the best places to put your pump.
  • https://www.animascorp.co.uk/type-1-diabetes/lifestyle/travelling-with-an-insulin-pump Travelling with an Insulin Pump | Animas UK & Ireland - If you wear an insulin pump, it is important you are prepared for security checks at the airport or security checkpoints. Read our full travel guide here!
  • https://www.animascorp.co.uk/type-1-diabetes/lifestyle/swimming-with-an-insulin-pump Swimming with an Insulin Pump | Animas UK & Ireland - Swimming & bathing with an insulin pump is never a problem with the Animas® Vibe® Insulin Pump, so you can get wet without having to worry about disconnecting your pump.
  • https://www.animascorp.co.uk/heroes/simon-picking Animas Heroes - Insulin Pumps & Iron Man - Simon Picking - Simon Picking, Ironman competitor & Animas Hero. Discover his Ironman journey & how Animas insulin pumps have helped him manage his Type 1 diabetes.
  • https://www.animascorp.co.uk/heroes/roddy-riddle Animas Heroes - Insulin Pumps & Marathons - Roddy Riddle - Roddy Riddle, Marathon des Sables competitor, father of 3 & Animas Hero was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes since the age of 40. Discover his story!
  • https://www.animascorp.co.uk/heroes/paul-hagreen Animas Heroes - Insulin Pumps & Football - Paul Hagreen - Paul Hagreen, student, footballer & Animas Hero has been living with Type 1 diabetes since the age of 4. Learn how he manages his diabetes in sport here!
  • https://www.animascorp.co.uk/heroes/mimi-astle Animas Heroes - Insulin Pumps & Sports - Mimi Astle - Mimi Astle, young rookie life saver & Animas hero was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at 7 months old. Discover her story here!
  • https://www.animascorp.co.uk/heroes Animas Heroes - Don't Let Type 1 Diabetes Hold You Back - Discover stories from our Animas Heroes! An Animas Hero is someone who doesn’t let Type 1 diabetes hold them back, play it safe, or compromise in any way.
  • https://www.animascorp.co.uk/insulin-pump-therapy/insulin-pumps-vs-injections Insulin Pumps vs Insulin Injections | Animas UK & Ireland - Find out the differences between insulin pumps vs injections, and the top 5 benefits people living with Type 1 diabetes can have if they switch to an insulin pump.
  • https://www.animascorp.co.uk/insulin-pump-therapy/insulin-pump-tips Insulin Pump Tips & Advice | Animas UK & Ireland - Discover how easy it is to live a normal life with an Animas® insulin pump! Read our tips on bathing, swimming, sleeping, exercising, sports & travelling.
  • https://www.animascorp.co.uk/insulin-pumps/faq FAQ's about Insulin Pumps & Animas® Vibe® | Animas UK & Ireland - Read frequently asked questions about the Animas® Vibe® Insulin Pump, CGM System and other travel & recreation questions related to wearing an insulin pump.
  • https://www.animascorp.co.uk/blog/freddy-freeman-about-his-experience-of-the-animas-sports-weekend-may-2016 Freddy Freeman about his experience of the Animas Sports Weekend in May 2016 | Animas UK & Ireland - From “Recreational Sport Participants” and “Local Park Joggers” to “Iron Men/Ladies” and Marathon Maniacs on Foot or Pedals
  • https://www.animascorp.co.uk/blog/craig-waughs-ultramarathon-adventures Craig Waugh’s Ultramarathon Adventures | Animas UK & Ireland - Prior to my Type1 Diabetes (I was diagnosed in 2012) I’d always been a physically active individual and always up
  • https://www.animascorp.co.uk/blog/animas-sports-and-exercise-weekend-2015 Animas Sports and Exercise Weekend 2015 | Animas UK & Ireland - The Animas Sports & Exercise Weekend 2015 (ASW2015) is now the 5th annual event held by Animas took place in May 2015
  • https://www.animascorp.co.uk/blog Animas News, Events & Blog | Animas UK & Ireland - Follow the Animas blog for all the latest news, innovations and events from the Animas team. From tackling fundraising events through to inspirational stories.
  • https://www.animascorp.co.uk/events Animas Events Calendar | Animas UK & Ireland - Find out about forthcoming and noteworthy diabetes related events in the UK, Ireland and across the globe here!
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  • https://www.animascorp.co.uk/warranty Warranty | Animas UK & Ireland - All Animas insulin pumps offer a four (4) year warranty. See the Animas® insulin pump warranty terms and conditions here.
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  • Nobody - They are scraping the bottom of the barrell now: Not really worthy of this Bootleg series.

    I pre-ordered this back in August, then cancelled, it dropped 10 bucks and thought OK It's Miles. Thanks to Amazon's push back of my order I am only reviewing the tracks via the downloads and I am happy to have heard it, because it's going back unopened. There is no way in the world I can justify 32 dollars with tax for this!

  • D.Lynd - Wished babies liked as much as I do!

    I used to make fun of these things when I'd pass them in Babies R Us but after one of our baby boys spent a week in the NICU, where they made constant use of these, I figured it was worth the investment to have something he was familiar with at home. Yeah. He hates it. I'm super bummed too because I totally fell in love with this thing! The auxiliary hook up, white noise sounds, multiple motions, comfy padded fabric, and unique design had me enraptured. Unfortunately our little men moderately stand being placed in here. Baby 1 can't stand being in it for more then 5 minutes. Baby 2 enjoys it a great deal more then his brother but that's not a hard mark to hit. I think the babies might have enjoyed it more if we could adjust the direction the seat faces, not just the recline. Also, the toy bar is so beyond pointless. They might as well not even have it.

  • Sammie - I was suffering terribly from hives and this was the only thing that ...

    I was suffering terribly from hives and this was the only thing that treated it. I took both the te and the tablets and it worked like magic. Great product to have in your home.

  • Nathan Stubbs - love it !

    best way I can describe it is its about half way between a Wilson 6.1 pro staff and a babalot pure drive . its more power and lighter then a 6.1 pro staff, but heavier and much more accurate then a pure drive! for 75$ you can't go wrong!

  • Leena - I use this mask once every few months and it ...

    I use this mask once every few months and it really makes my hair soft and silky instantly! I don't have dry/brittle hair anymore because I stopped using heat on my hair, but this mask is still a treat!

  • Larry C - Soft, silky and healthy skin in minutes

    This pure shea butter arrived securely packaged and damage free. This is an all natural butter. The consistency is that of a heavy cream, the fragrance is light and disappears completely shortly after application. The cream is easy to apply and left me with no greasy feel, but did leave me with a healthy, super soft and silky feeling skin. I did receive this product at a discounted price or free in exchange for my willingness to provide my honest opinion and share my unbiased review.

  • ChrissyJ - Caused horrible breakouts.

    Worked as an appetite suppressant, but made my face break out with deep acne (the kind that hurts under your skin, and you can't get rid of!). Had to quit taking after a week.