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Anaesthesia UK : FRCA Home Page for Anaesthestists in training for postgraduate exams - Anaesthesia UK FRCA: A site for anaesthetists in training. Contains summary pages that will help with revision for the primary FRCA examination in anaesthesia. Includes multiple choices as well as topic summaries

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  • shanti - prefer paper

    really after having some no shows, think i prefer magazines in there paper form, I like all the photos. thankyou

  • Consumer Joe - This Will Kill Your Phone Battery - There are Safer Alternatives

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  • N. Cuchetti - Great product, good price, good quality.

    Yeah, it's missing the insignia in the center but otherwise it matched perfectly. These are pretty sturdy. My husband did crack one installing it because they're stiff but even so, it's still on there and you can't tell the difference. They're well worth the money. Would buy again in a minute. Go for it, you won't be sorry.