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  • Kristen - So Far, So Good! My Teeth Feel Incredibly Clean and Definitely Look Great!

    So, I've been seeing more and more videos and articles on the internet regarding brushing your teeth with activated charcoal for whitening your teeth. At first I thought it was just a fad and honestly, a little silly. I've used charcoal tablets for years for stomach issues and never considered that it could have other uses. I recently went to my dentist for a cleaning and the dental hygienist mentioned the whole charcoal movement. She said she had personally seen a difference in a few patients that had admitted to using charcoal. She said not only did their teeth appear whiter but plaque build-up seemed to be at a minimum in those particular patients. I was really surprised! My grandmother made me use baking soda with my toothpaste when I was a kid and I never thought it made any difference, so I was a little skeptical at first. But I decided to give it a try. My dental hygienist was using it and liked the way it was working so I figured she would know better than anybody if it was working.

  • Holmes - Great Mill

    So happy to have the Unique Pepper/Salt Mill. It is so easy to use. A great feature of this product is the ability to change the coarseness of the grind. On the top of the mill is large flap that opens to fill the mill. The flap closes tightly so it will not spill the contents of the mill. The Unique Pepper/Salt Mil is a great product and I am pleased with my purchase. I did purchase this product at a reduced price and I am providing my honest and unbiased review.

  • Amazon Customer - Love the commentaries from the cast

    So excited to get the books....everything within the set including the paper is perfection. Love the commentaries from the cast, directors and writers. It gives us, the viewers allot of insight, details and thoughts behind the actual filming. Great Christmas present for anyone who loves Outlander!

  • Coamex - Great reference for TAX time!

    I was amazed at how detailed this book is! In it you will find anything and everything you need to do your own taxes. You will have to read, a lot, since the book is pretty fat, but no matter what your situation is, you will find it here. So, if you do your own taxes, this book is a steal at its price compared to what any Tax Company would charge you. You will not be regret it.

  • Suzanne - Two rules

    This book could be summed up in one paragraph. Eat fewer than 15 gms. of sugar. Eat protein (and fat). Eat six servings of carbs. Eat fiber. Will it work? Yes. Do you need to spend $20 to know this? No way. Most of the products (or equivalents) are not too tough to find. I started purchasing the Almond Breeze milk a few months ago and found that it's not too much more than regular milk. It's a little more, but I end up saving money on it because it doesn't spoil as quickly as skim milk so I haven't thrown any out. To the reviewer to wasn't happy about eating "religious" bread...you don't have to go to Mars for it. (or spend $5 to have it shipped.) If you have access to a decent health food store, you can find the Ezekiel 9 bread. And talk with your local grocer. Often they are willing to order products. At least that has been my experience. The Belly Fat program seems to leave room for substitutions. I know I have been successful when I've limited my sugar intake--sugar is very addictive for me. Overall, the program makes sense. I like the fact that Cruise stresses not dieting and making smart choices a life style. That's great counsel regardless. Exercise should be a lifestyle. So should drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, and living a balanced life. I'm embarassed to think I need to buy a book to tell me that.

  • Kathleen Shough - it still took off the worst of it

    I had limescale on my shower/tub. When used as required on the label, this product took the limescale off. When the limescale was quite old, it still took off the worst of it, but required 2 applications to completely clean it. I am very impressed with the product for my home. One of the showers had not been used in several years and it took off the scale easily. Thank you ZAP. You have made an old lady's work much easier.