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  • tastygrapes - No results so far, but will keep going for a while

    I bought a 6 month supply, 3 months in so far, no results to speak of. Its possible it will take longer, and its possible there will be no results at all but its been more than the 2 months expected so I'm giving it a 3 because to be fair they didn't "promise" you any results at all.

  • Zlatan - Worst PES ever.

    Have been playing PES/Winning 11 for many years now, never have I been so disappointed. The gameplay has completely been changed and is no longer recognizable. I tried really hard to give this game a chance but it is just full of way too many flaws. Most noticeable are the constant lags in the middle of games. Also switching between players is slow, their running speeds have diminished, and the new system of freekicks and throw-ins is just confusing. They tried far too hard to make this game realistic. Went back to PES 13 in a matter of days.

  • China Samuelson - Another hit from Skinnytaste!

    I've been a follower of Gina's blog since she first started writing several years ago. She's my "go to" for meals that are nutritious and full of flavor. My husband is a bit of a picky eater and he loves every one of Gina's recipes that I've tried. Since the first cookbook was published I've become a mom and struggle with getting dinner on the table amidst the evening rush. I can't wait to dive into yet another hit from Gina that will help me get food on the table easily. This book includes many practical, helpful tips as well as a sample meal plan for an entire month...breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. I can't wait to try the Pasta Fagioli, Breakfast Banana Split, Egg Roll Bowls and many more! There is a chapter devoted to Tacos (yum!) and one bowl meals. Definitely something for everyone.

  • Cathy Brown - Excellent Tudor read

    I never knew too much about the Tudors prior to Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. After watching the mini series The White Queen, I can't get enough of the kings and queens of England. There are so many interesting characters. The War of the Roses between the Yorks, the Plantagenets, and the Yorks, is just fascinating. This first book based on Owen Tudor is great

  • Veronica Sawyer - Another great Movers song!

    So excited to hear a new Movers song!! Great as always. My whole family would be thrilled to see a new Movers series, I really hope the animated show happens! We need more Movers in our lives!