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  • MasterGen - superior protection and clear corners

    superior protection and clear corners. i like it. little bit on the thick side but i can feel the strong / toughness.

  • M. Bridges - I was expecting better quality.

    This stroller is for the most part plastic. I have had it for 2 months now, and no problems so far.... I don't think it will last until my son is out of strollers. I have a Maclaren Triumph, but wanted something that reclined fully. I went with this over a XLR, because I liked the tray, and the parent cup holder (worthless). I wish I would have went with the XLR. This stroller takes up a ton of trunk space, and dosen't push nearly as easy as my Maclaren. I unfortunately can't justify another stroller so soon after buying this one.

  • Paul - Spectacular!

    Awesome product, as a mid-level guitar player i can say this works for all levels. If i was learning i would definitely want this with me, and I'm sure I will find it useful to improve! I already have!!

  • Stephanie Ditmore - Red Riding Hood & The Big Bad Hot Wolf

    I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. WOW!! I LOVED this book! What an amazing collaboration!! I have not read anything from Frankie Love yet but I will and I love all of Isabella's books. I literally could not stop reading this book. I read the whole thing in 2 hours sitting at my desk at work. Yep I'm an addict. This books has everything, mystery, suspense, intrigue, love, lust, lies, murder and a second chance at love. I'm not a person who like to write and give spoilers and with this book I'll be brief, you need to one-click it to find out what happens. Luke and Hayley together again, separated by a lust for a better life they had their dreams and went for them. Tragedy struck the town they lived in and it's what ultimately brought everyone back except for Hayley, she has no idea after three years what awaits her return to Willow Creek. Lives have been turned upside down, people are not the same and people are no longer safe on the streets alone since the death of Luke and Chris' sister Julie. There's a murderer on the loose and everyone has their suspicions. I loved how the identity of the murderer is kept under wraps, keeping you guessing and then changing your mind again, and then realizing OMG I was right!! I loved how there were chapters intertwined from the murderers perspective which shed some light into what kind of person they were. This book had it all, the love story was amazing, I'm a sucker for a second chance at love, because in real life I got mine too. I highly recommend this book, absolutely loved it, I hope there is more from these two amazing ladies in regards to Willow Creek and the characters, we never did get to hear what happened with Chris. Hint, Hint!!! Get it now if you haven't already!!