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Alinter Limited - British Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Products - The Alinter Group is a UK based Pharma Company whose members include Wallace Manufacturing Chemists, Norma Chemicals, Neo Laboratories Ltd and Savoy Labs

  • http://www.alinter.co.uk/customers/4586335232 Values - The Alinter Group serves both the UK and International markets with high quality European manufactured pharmaceutical and nutrititional products.
  • http://www.alinter.co.uk/products/4584824654 Products - A comprehensive product portfolio covering an extensive range of pharmaceutical and healthcare therapeutic areas.
  • http://www.alinter.co.uk/manufacturing/4586336284 Manufacturing - Alinter Group products are manufactured in accordance with the appropriate requirements of WHO cGMP in Europe.
  • http://www.alinter.co.uk/distribute/4592110855 Distribution - Register your interest to distribute Alinter Group products. Brands include Histalix, Neovita, Eros, Ironorm, Dolvan, Dubam, Calcimax, Concaivit, Savoy
  • http://www.alinter.co.uk/export/4586346924 Export - Alinter Group export Pharmaceutical and Healthcare products accross the globe. Shipment can be made by air, land or sea depending upon the territory and product
  • http://www.alinter.co.uk/privacy/4585061380 PRIVACY - alinter - The Alinter Group is a british company offering high quality pharmaceutical products to both the UK and international market.
  • http://www.alinter.co.uk/neovita/4591885561 Alinter Group Limited - Nutrition - The Alinter Group offers a wide selection of Nutritional Products. Our Nutritional Products are specifically designed to support a balanced and varied diet.
  • http://www.alinter.co.uk/sport/4591891885 Alinter Group Limited - Sports Nutrition - The Alinter Group offers a wide selection of Sports Products which are made in the UK and undergo QC Lab Testing to ensure the highest possible standards.

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  • Galen McCormick - Not what I expected

    The scholarship codes are either no longer available or invalid. Only a few have worked that we were eligible. I have been disappointed for the most part. It could be laid out better. Organize by state for those only eligible in that state. Group by target degree or race.

  • JP Holding - Um...it's an update to a monumental failure

    This book is billed as an update to Horn's Apollyon 2012, in which he predicted that in 2012, the world would come to an end.

  • Angela Arthur - Great detox tea set!

    Great detox tea kit! I absolutely love the little silicone tea diffuser that came with the set. That was a great item for the seller to include, so that when your set arrives, you are ready to get started.

  • reggie - Best Decision This Year

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