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Home - Albemarle Veterinary Health Care Center - At Albemarle Veterinary Health Care Center (AVHCC), all of our patients receive the best quality medical care with state-of-the-art, full-service pet care.

  • https://www.albemarlevet.com/about-us-html/ Who We Are - Albemarle Veterinary Health Care Center - Albermarle Veterinary Health Care Center will inspire its employees to be the best they can at anticipation and fulfilling the needs of its clients.
  • https://www.albemarlevet.com/mission-statement-html/ Our Mission Statement - Albemarle Veterinary Health Care Center - Albemarle Veterinary Health Care Center is committed to you and your pet. We make sure you understand the matters surrounding your pet's health.
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  • https://www.albemarlevet.com/policies-html/ Our Policies - Albemarle Veterinary Health Care Center - Our Policies Appointment Policy While appointments are preferred, walk-ins are welcome. Emergency cases shall always receive top priority.
  • https://www.albemarlevet.com/job-opportunities-html/ Careers at Albemarle– Albemarle Health Care Center - Check out the current careers at Albemarle Health Care Center. We are always accepting applications for talented, dedicated staff.
  • https://www.albemarlevet.com/our-services-html/ What We Offer - Albemarle Veterinary Health Care Center - Services at Albemarle Veterinary Health Care Center Include: Wellness Care, Orthopedic Care, Dental Care, Surgery Care Radiology & Ultrasound Care and more.
  • https://www.albemarlevet.com/orthopedics-html/ Orthopedic Care - Albemarle Veterinary Health Care Center - Orthopedic Services Anterior Cruciate Repair Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) rupture is the most common orthopedic problem in dogs.
  • https://www.albemarlevet.com/dentistry-and-dental-care-html/ Dental Care - Albemarle Veterinary Health Care Center - Dental care for pets is just as important for dogs and cats as it is for humans. Dental disease is one of the largest killers of pets in the United States.
  • https://www.albemarlevet.com/surgery-html/ Surgery Care - Albemarle Veterinary Health Care Center - We provide a range of surgery care services from routine to more complex procedures. Surgery of any kind can be a source of anxiety and stress
  • https://www.albemarlevet.com/radiology-and-ultrasound-html/ Radiology & Ultrasound Care - Albemarle Veterinary Health Care Center - The veterinarians at Albemarle Veterinary Health Care Center and committed to providing pets and their owner with the best possible radiology care.
  • https://www.albemarlevet.com/pal-plans-pet-ages-and-lifestages-html/ Our Care Plans - Albemarle Veterinary Health Care Center - We offer care plans for your puppies and kittens to help them build a strong medical foundation for a lifetime of good health.
  • https://www.albemarlevet.com/in-house-laboratory-html/ In-house Lab - Albemarle Veterinary Health Care Center - We have an in-house laboratory for timely analysis of samples that have either been collected by our doctors our brought in by our clients.
  • https://www.albemarlevet.com/other-services-html/ Other Services - Albemarle Veterinary Health Care Center - Microchipping your pet can help save their lives and return them home. Smaller than a grain of rice, microchips are a safe, quick procedure.
  • https://www.albemarlevet.com/online-pharmacy-html/ Online Pharmacy - Albemarle Veterinary Health Care Center - Albemarle Veterinary Health Care Center has an online pet pharmacy to make ordering your pets medication quick and easy, in the comfort of your home.
  • https://www.albemarlevet.com/helpful-links-html/ Helpful Resources - Albemarle Veterinary Health Care Center - Here you will find helpful resources for pets, including the AAHA website for Pet owners, Pet Parents, and the Pet owners Network.
  • https://www.albemarlevet.com/share-the-care-html/ Share The Care - Albemarle Veterinary Health Care Center - We know that one of our greatest assets is you, our client. As your pet's best advocate, your loyalty and compassion inspire us to create share the care.
  • https://www.albemarlevet.com/we-are-cat-friendly-html/ Kitties Welcome - Albemarle Veterinary Health Care Center - Albemarle Vet Health Care Center is cat friendly practice designatated through the American Association of Feline Practitioners.

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  • C. Peters - It works!

    My worries are over. My worries were created from the last product I bought from Amazon, and I mentioned the Trapper Keeper there: http://www.amazon.com/review/R1NW4GCNU3MAP3

  • Chris - Don't need Will Smith...

    I want to say that the majority of people that disliked this film are upset over Will Smith not being in it. If you remember the first movie he wasn't the center of the story. This movie kept the majority of the good characters and continued the story in a reasonable and fun way. Very good movie.

  • Nayara Maciel - It`s ok

    This product is just ok, is not a big deal. I have read great reviews about it in some fashion blogs, so I had great expectances to use it. It works but it is not an amazing product.

  • C. B. Preisler - Great for skin issues

    I have used this for seborreah diagnosed by my vet on my Maltese Nell. It has cleared her skin of the nasty crusty patches, BUT you must use it a few times a week. Not a full bath. Just a good wash in the affected area. Price a bit better than vet's.

  • Laurie - It's just OK

    I tried to do this for 1 month. Found it very hard to drink only 2 shakes a day with 1 meal. Yes, I lost some weight but that's because I was cutting my calories in 1/2!!

  • TopDog - Outlook 2010 or 2013 Cannot import from Excel files as per Microsoft Level II support tech.

    I gave it 3 stars as it will not do what I purchased it to do. Neither will Outlook 2013. Real simple, download an Excel file into outlook contacts. First, convert the excel file into a CSV file. Okay, the mapping (last step) grays out, so you can't map your information. Oh wait, Microsoft supports these products for 90 days. They can't do it either. First line support rep then sent up

  • T. Lewis - AMAZING PRODUCT!!!

    We'd been giving our cocker spaniel a daily Denta Stix for dental care and thought we were doing our share of his dental care. WRONG!!! Fudge is only 3 and his teeth were discolored and covered in tartar. It wasn't the worst case, but it was bad enough. I immediatly thought of how we lost our cat due to gum disease and thought I would never lose a pet due to dental issues again. Next I thought of how dangerous it is to put them under anesthesia. I'd be lying if I didn't say the expense wasn't of a concern. However, there is NOTHING we wouldn't do for their health. We went to Petco to see if they had some kind of toothpaste that helped remove plaque and tartar and hubby saw this product. It cost $20 in the store and I thought that was a lot for a small bottle of gel, but it claimed to do exactly what I needed so we purchased it. I went home and did some research but could only find reviews for a product called Petzlife. It's also a gel and the results on their site were amazing as well. Anyway, having seen that a gel made of natural ingredients actually worked, I decided to try the TropiClean. Well, it's only been nine days and his teeth are 75% better! And it's so easy! Not to mention that he likes the taste of it. I'm only nine days in and I can't wait to see what his teeth are going to look like when the 30 days are up. I imagine they'll be clean before that because this product really works. I will NEVER be without this as long as my pets have teeth. P.S. works on cats too!