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  • Pcola Joe - This Works!

    I received Three Lac in the afternoon and took a packet. After dinner I realized my sinus were very clear and breathing was easy. I could not believe it worked so quickly, but it did. I thought my sinus problems were due to allergy. I did read one other review that the persons sinus cleared up. I have taken other medications for candida, and saw no effects. I also took a 60 billion size probiotic to crowd it out, and that did not work. This works. My wife says my color looks healthier, and I saw that too. My skin seems clearer. I plan to stay on this. I highly recommend it. If you need it, you will know, as you will see improvements quickly!

  • Carrie - Love it.

    This seems to be the same recipe as the old stuff schilling used to sell. Its so great to have this back in the pantry! Its a good overall round spice mix that is not hot, but nice a smokey. I would highly recommend!

  • Jaleesa - I think this is my favorite Spigen case so far

    I think this is my favorite Spigen case so far. The combination of the clear case and the gunmetal back is just gorgeous. I'm going to guess that fit will be spot on too, but I haven't received my iPhone 7 Plus yet, should be this week! If there is something wrong with the fit, I will update once I receive the phone!

  • Amazon Customer - It's a no from me

    Overall, not terrible, but I didn't notice much of a change. I drank it each morning and went to the gym 4-5 times a week. Although, this product did make me feel less hungry throughout the day, so that's good! Final thoughts- not worth the money - way too celebrity endorsed!

  • Tonka - Not what I need for my small DBA Business

    Patially my fault I guess but it is too rigid for my small business. When starting a small business you don't have a lot of the stuff...it's over-kill.