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  • Michael Livingstone - Men can enjoy them too!

    I am not ashamed to say as a man I also use these. I do so consensually and in the privacy of my own home and am harming nobody in doing so. The liberated feeling of using a Bic pen created for a lady is nothing to be ashamed of, people used to look down upon a man using two different ink colours and we changed that, why shouldn't we change attitudes towards pens too? Bic Pride!

  • Sasha - Cool shoes

    Just received these! They are super cool, they light up diff colors, many settings and easy to use! I am so far in love. My only concern is, will they last! I want to take them to a rave in September and you can bet i will be stomping around lol. I shall give an update of long term wear.

  • Page Turner - Makes you look forward to flossing!!

    This dental floss is the best! The mint is my favorite. This is going to sound weird but I like it so much it makes me look forward to flossing!

  • Deborah Churchill - It really is an excellent product!

    Ok so I said I love it. I really do. This product is so gentle on my hair and you get so much dye that my girlfriend does her roots too. I have experimented with different colors and highlights. I now have a perfect summer color and a winter color. Shipping is fast. I know you might think expensive however for this kind of quality only at a saloon could you get the same. Also every few orders I receive the gloss at no charge. Plus I can automatically schedule my color shipment. No running to the store at the last minute.


    My hair was so visibly thin before I invested in this product. I have been using it for 3 months and I have visibly more hair growing out of my scalp and less breakage.And growth!!! My hair is 2 inches longer and stronger than ever. I love the tingle from both the shampoo and the drops. I'm mixed race with a relaxer and a 3a curl pattern to give you some background on my hair. I have to share the results with all the other women in the world who are looking for a solution; I hope this product line works for you too. Over all I'm so happy with the results and it's worth the price.