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  • Charmain R - Good movie - but not really the true story of Hercules.

    The Rock is great - looks better than ever. I guess I'm a bit of a purist though. They took a few too many liberties with the story of Hercules. I'm afraid there are many people - who don't read the classics, or don't read at all -- that will be taking this for the real story. It is a BIT more believable from a modern-human standpoint, but we can't change the old stories just because we feel like they need to be changed to match the times. That's not why they survived all these many years. But that is Hollywood, I suppose. They've done the same with Noah, and Lincoln, and whomever catches their fancy on a particular day. I just wish they would be a bit more up front with a statement about "this is fiction/fantasy BASED on the story of x." I have actually talked to people who take a lot of these movies for true. But back to Hercules - it's pretty good.. enjoyable. Pretty people abound. Lots of fights for those who like that.

  • Slimpickenz - Nice flavor, moist and chewy

    The flavor of this jerky is overall pleasant, and while the taste of the seasonings is nice, you can still taste the flavor of the beef. The use of allspice as a flavoring agent is different from most jerkies that I eat; however, I did enjoy it, as this product did not go overboard with it. The meat is tender and chewy, a bit more chewy than I prefer actually. At $8 for 2 oz, this is definitely on the pricier end for jerky, but the beef is grass fed and the flavor of the meat really comes through. The problem with chewier jerkies is the fat doesn't render as well, and I had a large piece of fat on one of the pieces of jerky, which was off-putting when I tried to eat it. This was only one piece out of the whole bag though, the rest of the bag was mostly fat free.

  • isaaceluna - Does NOT create a watermark on jet black iPhone!!

    Looks great! Feels great! And it looks like it could really protect the phone against drops. It actually works great with the jet black iPhone and does not create a watermark effect.

  • Renona Montgomery - I really like it

    Nicely done! I am already up and moving. Found i don't need all the bells and whistles of some other trackers, although they are great products. I am a true beginner, health issues and gym shy. Moov Now is super for me, as it coaches and doesn't let me get away with bad form and partial reps (dang!). Like the feedback, but would rather have dedicated daily tractivities tracking instead of scrolling through the entire months.

  • Eileen C. Cizewski - sole e35

    Nice machine. Very heavy to remove out of the shipping carton. Tools that the manufacturer supplied were not adequate. Machine assembled in about one hour. Hard to move--very heavy! Machine does appear to operate very nicely. We tried this machine in a Dick's sporting goods store, but no financing available. Amazon offered six months free financing with amazon card. We have this machine in a finished basement with a ceiling height of six and a half feet. This is the minumum height you will need w/o hitting your head on the ceiling! Electronic display seems a bit cheap, but functional. The main focus of my purchase was the stability of the machine while operating. Cheaper models will shake and seem like they are falling apart while using. This machine is very solid and comes with a respectable warranty.

  • Amazon Customer - Awesome bag with only 1 real drawback

    I got this bag to start biking to work and it's amazingly, deceptively, large. I can fit way more than I need into this thing and usually end up having to clean it out once a month or so because of the excess I tend to just start carrying around. The only drawback it has is the internal storage compartment, there is only one large space. It has a divider that runs the length of the bag but it's more of a document/envelope area, not a real laptop divider (padded, adjustable). Once I get to work I am able to change my clothes and put the biking stuff, including helmet, into the bag for safe keeping throughout the day. The cam combined with the cross strap that holds it in place while moving around make it nearly perfect. The quality on this bag is top notch, which is why I bought Timbuk2 in the first place. All the ballistic nylon makes this bag water resistant and it feels indestructible. I have over filled it a few times with some heavy things and it always felt like my shoulders would give out before the bag.