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  • Mark Forbes - Used in my '98 Explorer

    The install kit worked great. I didn't use any of the extra brackets, and I did snap the tabs off the top of the ring. The instructions almost indicate this is what you're supposed to do for a standard double DIN mount. After that, insert the metal ring the stereo slides into and bend the tabs out. Then the whole thing just snaps into place in the dash. It fit perfect! Actually seems to hold the stereo deck pretty securely too.

  • Damaris - I love it fast shipping too thanks to amazon review

    OMG! thank you this came in handy for my refrigerator... I love it fast shipping too thanks to amazon review trader

  • Shelby Hall - Excellent ingredients

    Let me begin with the first few ingredients of this serum: water, hyaluronic acid, witch-hazel, glycerin, aloe and retinal. Others that follow are jojoba oil and vitamin E with green tea in it also. This product has such great ingredients all at the top of the list that it has to be effective. It has no fragrance added and is a little thicker in consistency than a lot of other serums that I have tried. I like my serums to be a little bit thicker and not running all over the place because they are easier to apply that way and just feel more substantial. Most retinol products have this smell to it and I'm not sure it is the retinal that smells that way or the added ingredients like the witch hazel but it's not an off-putting smell, just smells like good skin care. I received this product at a discounted rate for my honest review.

  • Thomas R Chalmers - Excellent tool

    The book and the software are a great combination. The software was easy to use, and the book helped to explain the entire process. Very handy combination.