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Ashland Integrative Medicine Ashland KY - At Ashland Integrative Medicine our experienced medical staff takes great pride in treating each and every one of our patients as a valued individual in a family friendly environment. When you visit our location you will always leave knowing that you received a strong diagnosis along with a focused treatment plan targeted to your specific needs.

  • http://www.aimforchange.net/patient-resources/make-a-payment.html Make A Payment | Ashland Integrative Medicine Ashland KY - For your convenience, you can now use our online tool to make your payments on a 24/7 basis using a major credit card. Simply click the pay now button below to being making your payment. Please have your account number ready.
  • http://www.aimforchange.net/contact-us/request-appointment-online.html Request Appointment Online | Ashland Integrative Medicine Ashland KY - To request an immediate an appointment Call us at 606-393-6193 or simply fill out below with some convenient times and we will call you back within 1 business day.
  • http://www.aimforchange.net/about.html About Ashland Integrative Medicine | Ashland KY - Ashland Integrative Medicine's staff of doctors and technicians has the professional experience to realize that there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all cure, so we never use a one-size-fits-all approach to your diagnosis.
  • http://www.aimforchange.net/about/our-team.html Our Team | Ashland Integrative Medicine Ashland KY - At Ashland Integrative Medicine, we are only as strong as our staff and are proud to employ a variety of qualified individuals who bring their own diverse knowledge to the practice in order to ensure you receive the most comprehensive treatment possible.
  • http://www.aimforchange.net/about/our-team/jeannine-parikh-md.html Jeannine Parikh MD | Ashland Integrative Medicine Ashland KY - It is an honor to introduce myself to you. I grew up in Becket, Massachusetts, a small town in the Berkshires. I have been blessed to have wonderful parents who have given me the support and strength to follow my dreams and taught me strong family values.
  • http://www.aimforchange.net/services.html Services We Offer | Ashland Integrative Medicine Ashland KY - Ashland Integrative Medicine stands out in our field by offering a diverse selection of services and procedures to cater to your individualized health needs. All services are performed by qualified and experienced medical professionals in order to provide peace of mind and accuracy of treatment.
  • http://www.aimforchange.net/services/general-medicine.html General Medicine | Ashland Integrative Medicine Ashland KY - Ashland Integrative Medicine of Ashland KY offers a wide variety of general medicine services. Ashland Integrative Medicine offers services to take care of issues as small as acne, headaches, nail removal, and allergies.
  • http://www.aimforchange.net/services/general-medicine/allergy-asthma.html Allergy / Asthma | Ashland Integrative Medicine Ashland KY - At Ashland Integrative Medicine of Ashland KY, our allergy and immunology doctors and staff work to effectively manage both minor and more severe symptoms of asthma, allergies and other immune disorders.
  • http://www.aimforchange.net/services/general-medicine/diabetes-care.html Diabetes Care | Ashland Integrative Medicine Ashland KY - Ashland Integrative Medicine is Ashland KY’s leading diabetes care facility of excellence, committed to providing the best diabetes screening, education and patient care in Ashland KY.
  • http://www.aimforchange.net/services/general-medicine/erectile-dysfunction.html Erectile Dysfunction | Ashland Integrative Medicine Ashland KY - Erectile dysfunction (ED) occurs when a man has difficulty initiating or maintaining an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse. The National Institutes of Health estimates that ED affects as many as 30 million men in the United States.
  • http://www.aimforchange.net/services/general-medicine/family-planning.html Family Planning | Ashland Integrative Medicine Ashland KY - Ashland Integrative Medicine’s family planning program offers many services, including information on baby spacing, abstinence, avoiding sexually transmitted diseases or infections (STDs or STIs) and birth control methods.
  • http://www.aimforchange.net/services/general-medicine/geriatrics.html Geriatrics | Ashland Integrative Medicine Ashland KY - The Geriatric Medicine team at Ashland Integrative Medicine understands the psychological and physiological issues associated with growing older. The multidisciplinary team of physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals is committed to preserving the independence and dignity of their patients while providing the latest treatments and comprehensive services.
  • http://www.aimforchange.net/services/general-medicine/mental-health-issues.html Mental Health Issues | Ashland Integrative Medicine Ashland KY - Illnesses that disrupt one’s life are not always physical. Mental health and emotional health issues can severely affect relationships, jobs, family, and life goals. Psychological disorders can be just as debilitating as physical disease. Behavioral health specialists can help.
  • http://www.aimforchange.net/services/general-medicine/obesity.html Obesity | Ashland Integrative Medicine Ashland KY - Obesity is a medical condition and it is associated with significant health risk including diabetes, hypertension, pain, cancer and other diseases. Obesity is a result of both genetics and environmental causes.
  • http://www.aimforchange.net/services/general-medicine/preventive-health.html Preventive Health | Ashland Integrative Medicine Ashland KY - You can avoid many health issues and detect upcoming health problems through a regular, preventive health routine at Ashland Integrative Medicine. In most cases, the earlier a condition is found, the greater the chance for a positive outcome.
  • http://www.aimforchange.net/services/general-medicine/physical-exams.html Physical Exams | Ashland Integrative Medicine Ashland KY - Is it time for your next physical exam? Ashland KY residents head to Ashland Integrative Medicine for a range of physical exams from routine annual checkups to sports and occupation-specific physicals.
  • http://www.aimforchange.net/services/general-medicine/skin-cancer-evaluation.html Skin Cancer Evaluation | Ashland Integrative Medicine Ashland KY - Skin cancer is one of the most common and serious forms of cancer affecting people today. In fact, current estimates have found that one in five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime. Here at Ashland Integrative Medicine of Ashland KY, we are known for providing the best care for patients with skin cancer, from diagnostics to the treatment itself.
  • http://www.aimforchange.net/services/general-medicine/smoking-cessation.html Smoking Cessation | Ashland Integrative Medicine Ashland KY - The average smoker tries to quit six times before they successfully stop smoking. With supportive programs and medication, however, the chances of successfully quitting increase from just 5% to 40%. Ashland Integrative Medicine of Ashland KY offers comprehensive stop-smoking services to help make the decision to quit a lasting one.
  • http://www.aimforchange.net/services/ancillary-services.html Ancillary Services | Ashland Integrative Medicine Ashland KY - Ancillary services are specialty services that Ashland Integrative Medicine uses to serve the needs of specific patients. They include everything from nutrition education to diagnostic medical imaging. At Ashland Integrative Medicine in Ashland, KY these services are offered on site to meet patient needs. The goal of Ashland Integrative Medicine is to provide complete patient care and support.
  • http://www.aimforchange.net/services/ancillary-services/on-site-lab-ekg.html On-Site Lab & EKG | Ashland Integrative Medicine Ashland KY - Urgent care services don't start and end with the doctor's office visit. Ashland Integrative Medicine is a fully equipped medical walk in center in Ashland KY. Our immediate care facility has on-site labs, EKG and more. We cater to adults and children of all ages.
  • http://www.aimforchange.net/weight-loss-program.html Weight Loss Program | AIM Center for Medical Weight Loss Ashland KY - Learn how Ashland Integrative Medicine Center for Medical Weight Loss programs and plans work.
  • http://www.aimforchange.net/weight-loss-program/how-it-works.html How It Works | AIM Center for Medical Weight Loss Ashland KY - At Ashland Integrative Medicine Center for Medical Weight Loss in Ashland KY, we know there is no one straight path to long-term weight loss and maintenance. We abide by the scientific fact that weight loss results from fewer calories 'in' and more calories 'out'.
  • http://www.aimforchange.net/weight-loss-program/how-it-works/cmwl-program-approach.html CMWL Program Approach | AIM Center for Medical Weight Loss Ashland KY - Ashland Integrative Medicine Center for Medical Weight Loss program provides an approach to long-term weight loss under the care and support of trained medical providers. Ashland Integrative Medicine Center for Medical Weight Loss
  • http://www.aimforchange.net/weight-loss-program/how-it-works/cmwl-weight-loss-programs-plans.html CMWL Weight Loss Programs & Plans | AIM Center for Medical Weight Loss Ashland KY - While Ashland Integrative Medicine Center for Medical Weight Loss (CMWL), in Ashland KY, program provides a core program structure, it’s important to know that no two Ashland Integrative Medicine Center for Medical Weight Loss plans are alike.
  • http://www.aimforchange.net/weight-loss-program/how-it-works/about-medical-weight-loss.html About Medical Weight Loss | AIM Center for Medical Weight Loss Ashland KY - So, what is medical weight loss? Before discussing what it is, it probably makes sense to start with what it is not. Medical weight loss is not surgery or diet pills. It is weight management based on medical scientific principles that target the root causes of obesity
  • http://www.aimforchange.net/weight-loss-program/how-it-works/what-to-expect.html What to Expect | AIM Center for Medical Weight Loss Ashland KY - If you have contacted Ashland Integrative Medicine's Center for Medical Weight Loss Center in Ashland KY and have made an appointment for your initial consultation, here’s what you can expect on your first visit to Ashland Integrative Medicine's Center for Medical Weight Loss Center in Ashland KY.
  • http://www.aimforchange.net/weight-loss-program/how-it-works/cmwl-program-faqs.html CMWL Program FAQs | AIM Center for Medical Weight Loss Ashland KY - Get answers to common questions about how Ashland Integrative Medicine Center for Medical Weight Loss program works.
  • http://www.aimforchange.net/weight-loss-program/the-facts.html The Facts | AIM Center for Medical Weight Loss Ashland KY - 67% of the US adult population is overweight or obese153+ diseases are linked directly to obesity2$2,485 is the annual medical cost for an obese woman339 MIllion work days are lost annually due to obesity43x rise in obesity rates has occurred

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  • mjohnson - Good purchase

    Nike mojo balls are a good investment. They arrived on time and play well on the course. The price was a little cheaper than the stores around my home.

  • Cat100 - Spend a LONG time to cancel an order

    The cream gave me a terrible itching rash. But that is not what made me really mad. I'm mad because I called to cancel the auto-shipment that is required to get a reasonable price and I had to wait for 20 minutes to get a person to talk to. She insisted on transferring me to a special person to talk about the rash. Then I was cut off after waiting another 5 minutes. So I tried again and again was cut off. Two different customer service people absolutely refused to cancel my order and forced me to be switched to another person who never answered and then my phone was cut off. I am going to have to ask my bank for a stop payment, and spend more than the 40 minutes I already spent trying to cancel the order.

  • E. A. Bustos - The business portion won't be ready until mid-Feb, as per their reps

    I've used TurboTax in the past and one year used a CPA to prepare my taxes (that was a horror, the man apparently didn't even know what a 529 plan was and cost me quite a bit of money because he gave back my return late afternoon on April 15 so I ran to the post office before checking it, my mistake), but recently I've been using H&R Block. Last year the process was painless and I got a nice little refund fairly quickly (efiling and direct deposit). This year has been a mess. The program is good, the questions it asks are the usual ones, and it was very helpful for me since this year was the first year that I was also filing for my partnership business (not incorporated). A few steps were confusing, such as asking about scholarships, which took me a bit to realize that I only needed to deduct the scholarship if it paid for something other than tuition or books (are there scholarships that do that?). It took me a bit longer than usual, because I had to read some of the descriptions when it came to putting in tuition, and I was a bit concerned that when it asked for the information in my 1098-T it didn't clarify that I should deduct the scholarship amount from the tuition paid (which is what I assume since the scholarship is not tuition money I paid but it's not taxable either) so it seems to me the program is a bit lacking in some areas. Still, much easier than sitting down with a tax book and paper form and trying to figure out what to do. My issue has come now that I want to efile to get my refund. I go through the steps and when I get to efile, it tells me I have to wait for a New York state update. Yesterday (February 4), I had a message that the update would be available "on or before February 5." At that point it stopped and wouldn't let me proceed. Ok, fine, I'll wait a day. I go in today to efile, and now I get a message saying the update will be available "on or before February 6." What? It's before February 6, and why does the date keep changing? It also tells me there will be a federal update on February 14. So I have to wait until then to file my return???? I tried calling their customer service number but gave up after twenty minutes on hold. I did get a message that the IRS was having technical issues with some forms (of course the education forms I'm using are part of that, my luck) and that returns using those forms would not be processed until March. However, the H&R Block program said that I could still efile and it would be held in queue until the IRS was ready to process those returns. So, the IRS gets to hold on to my money for a month and doesn't have to pay me interest while if I owe them I have to pay them interest from the beginning of the year. Not fair, but the only job of the IRS is to take advantage of tax payers. Anyway, I digress. This update issue is very annoying, and makes me think I may go back to TurboTax next year. I like to file as early as possible, typically February 1 when I have a refund coming, and even if I have to wait due to IRS issues at least I know I'm in the line. Now I have to keep remembering to check the updates every day in the hope of being able to get my return efiled so I can forget about it. So overall, it's not a bad program but these technical issues on both the IRS end and H&R Block's end are having me rethink my loyalty to this program. However, my wallet ultimately wins and seeing as how this program is about half of the cost of TurboTax, I may have to stick with it next year as well. Hopefully this little rant with information scattered in has helped you decide whether the program is worth it or not.

  • alaskan-chatterbox - 2012 (2 disc Special Edition)

    I love this movie. I saw it yeaars ago and am glad to now have it in my DVD collection. Wonderful cast. Special effects make it look so real. To me this is a must to own DVD even if you arne't into disaster movies like I am.

  • lukep - More than I expected.

    It does so much more than I was expecting. I am able to GPS track streets and routes; there was an entire subdivision that was not included on the map. In fact, this subdivision actually isn't included in any of the online services mapping system that I tried except Google's. I tracked it with the GPS then I am able to trace/draw the streets in using the program itself. It was nice that this program has this feature as I am no where near a graphics artist. This program makes the task that I have easier to do. It also has a feature that enables me to upload this data to DeLorme; whether or not they actually update this map remains to be seen but the feature has saved me much time.

  • Courtney Adrianne Frazier - Honesty is the best policy...

    I went out of my way to buy this product not from company. I wish the company had a better Ideals and was not a load of Bull. But here is my Opinion on the product. I am not going to use this product for loosing weight so I honestly can not tell you about those results as I have not used it for long. I want something I can stand to drink every day when I am crazy busy or very stressed out. This Shake as far as taste puts many to shame. I have not tried too many of the packets as they have things like Guarana which is something I need to stay away from. Not at all chalky when used with a blender ball. I would be able to drink this stuff every day. I would happily promote the company to my friends if They did not have such tacky and tasteless business tactics. Though I hope they would not be silly enough to buy into the hullabaloo. It still makes me sad that a company put out a product I do like so much and will not let that good product speak for itself. I was second guessing the product so much because They are scamming the amazon ratings and the moment you even mention it on fb or ask there are 15 people to hound you about your free lesson in a pyramid scheme...