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EFA - Enfance & Familles d'Adoption - Enfance & Familles d’Adoption (EFA) est une fédérationde 92 associations départementales, regroupant 10 000 familles : c'est le premier mouvement de l'adoption en France.

Country:, Europe, FR

City: 2.3387 , France

  • Ryan Barnhart - The song is great, and the Amazon music store is impressive.

    The Ramones are awesome, and this is my favorite track. But the real story here is the Amazon music store itself. 99 cent tracks, whole albums for 8 bucks, all in 256kbps encoded tracks which aren't hampered with digital rights management of any kind. And the interface is simple and reliable. iTunes has finally met their match.

  • Vero - Interesting read. Lots of action

    This is Book 2 in the "An Unlikely Hero" Series. This book picks up exactly where the first one finished. Harper has left Lucas when she realized that they want different things, he will never want the family she craves. Then everything happens. There are deaths, kidnapping, betrayals and all kind of bad things happening. Now he needs to protect her because she is in the middle of his investigation. The attraction is stronger than ever. But things won't be easy for them.

  • Isabella - Fast hydration; convinced this skeptic after 3 months

    I've been using this product for 5 months now. I have dry skin and normally am dehydrated. The test for dehydration is whether my lips are chapped. Within a couple of days of starting this product, my lips were no longer chapped. Then, over the next few weeks, my skin became more hydrated. Chapstick and moisturizers became a luxury not a necessity for my skin.

  • JenJen Mama - Magical!

    Wow! My body somehow turned this five-pound bag of candy into fifteen pounds of diarrhea. It's like multiplication magic, second only to the time I gestated a few cells into an entire human being in my womb. Plus, the "jewel-like, sparkling clear colors" made for a pretty display in both directions. Impressive!

  • miranda krukowski - GOOD GIFT IDEA.

    Great Gift idea! my boyfriend loves it!.. he doesn't know more then guitar hero so he is definitely learning from scratch. its only been 2 weeks and hes learned a few cords and actually enjoys learning without getting mad. ha we have it for PS3 and its very clear and yes it walks you through how to tune the guitar. really great so far.

  • Quester92 - This tylenol package is really great! I decided to get it despite the fact ...

    This tylenol package is really great! I decided to get it despite the fact that products sometimes are different online than when you finally receive them in hand. So, I took the risk, and guess what? I was pleasantly surprised. The quality is excellent for the price. The packaging is excellent and protects it during shipping. I also received it faster than I expected! Please note that I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review. Despite the discounted price, I have not allowed the opinions expressed in this review to be affected. Therefore, I have consistently made sure my review remains balanced and accurate. Thanks for reading.

  • Shellster - Works Well!

    This type of soap was recommended by a dermatologist for acne and rosacea. I waited a few weeks to really see how it works before posting a review. Well, it works great, especially to get rid of flaky/scaly patches. It's also helpful clearing up eczema. I find it to be a bit drying so I highly recommend using a good moisturizer after washing. Using this along with moisturizer and anti-aging serum has really improved my skin!