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  • cape cod irene - Word 2013 is awful - and Microsoft tech support is worse

    I maintain a mailing list for a nonprofit; several times a year I need to send either email or snail mail to our members. A snap to do on my 10-year-old Dell, which I foolishly gave up to buy a Dell Inspiron loaded with Office 2013. Was unable to set up mailing labels for those members who do not have email. Dell tech people, with one exception, were unable to solve problem and passed the buck to Microsoft (after spending approx. 15 hours on phone with them). Microsoft tech people, again with one exception, were worse than Dell's. Finally was told that Word 2013 home and student version cannot do labels (again after approx. 10 hours on phone) and that I would have to buy more software. How stupid does Microsoft think its customers are. Of course, the home and student version can do labels. It took my techie daughter less than 15 minutes to figure it out.

  • Just a Customer - Radically different than other books

    I would give it a 4.5, but that's not an option with this rating system. This book has a lot of in-your-face advice that is contrary to usual self-help drivel and makes a lot of sense. It is the wake up call that many people in troubled long-term relationship or marriage need. It's not soothing, comfortable, or feel good, just honest with lots of practical tips and techniques. If you've been wondering what you're doing wrong in your relationship and can't figure it out, you should know when you finish reading this book.

  • The Soto Moto - I don't like looking large on a bike that appears to small ...

    I wish I had all the lofty cycling lingo at my disposal to do justice to this road bike and its ride on the open road. First off, this bike is stunning. I chose 'black,' it's actually black and white, and in a style that exceeded my expectations. The Italian design of this bike is apparent and impressive. It took a full week after assembly to take it for a real spin, and there wasn't day, if not an hour that I would stop, look and admire. I'm 6'0" - 225-230lbs, with a 33in inseam and went for the XLarge. The chart put me at the top end of the Large, and bottom end of XLarge. I don't like looking large on a bike that appears to small for me. And while my stats put me on the cusp, I can see how the large might have been better suited if I were training to race on this bike. The smaller size would have afforded me greater agility. But I'm not racing, I'm cruising on open stretches of road. The bigger size suits my ego and objective. But, I repeat, my stats are on the line of going either way. If your measurements are not in the gray, I would say stick with the charts recommendations. A significant step up/below out of range could prove hazardous. I did a couple hours of research that paid off. This bike is better than entry level. You'll see.

  • Amazon Customer - It works more like a really good food processor

    It works....I'm dealing with it. It works more like a really good food processor. Instead of getting a smoothy you get a little chunky shake. I've been mixing kale, broccoli, bussle sprouts, Berry's, fruit and bannanas. I didn't want to spend the money on the vitamixer. This does work just be prepared for little chunks in it. I've been using it everyday and it personally doesn't bother me. I like my Ninja.