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  • Brett Smith - Reception isn't as great as OEM antenna

    I live in a rather well populated area with rather strong radio towers. Reception isn't as great as OEM antenna, but for everyday it's wonderful. Would definitely buy again.

  • user3184 - Works, but make sure you have all the nuts and bolts you may need

    I used this to convert the standard smaller VESA mount (75x75) that I had on a monitor stand to the larger 200x100 that the monitor accepted but I also had to purchase additional mounting bolts (and nuts) on Amazon to make it work.

  • Laura - Excel practically unusable

    Purchased it only for the Excel on my home office computer, and it's so buggy that it crashes multiple times per session, particularly when used with other open programs. I'm appalled that someone somewhere thought this product was ready to go on the shelves. Save yourself hours of headache and frustration and DO NOT BUY THIS.

  • Amazon Shopper - Fast shipping, accurate description

    Great item and works well. Does make the inner thighs a little sore when using because of the tension but at least you know the job is getting done. Soreness goes away right away.

  • paul nason - A perfect fit

    These slush mats work perfectly and are form fitted. Deep enough to hold snow and slush without spilling out to the surrounding rug surfaces. Pricing was very fair considering the craftsmanship and quality of the product.

  • V. Holichork - Great product it you have an ashy toned hair and want shine.

    My sister has thick, ashy brown hair. When I purchased this for her, her hair took on a whole new light. It was shiny, and smooth. I would NOT recommend this product for those with fine or thin hair. I have fine thin hair and it made my hair look oily and gross. Love the smell and the feel of the product. The conditioner was my least favorite. It was very light , and I feel like in the shower I didn't feel a difference, but when my hair dried it was very limp.