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  • Kindle Customer - Good times

    What a treat to read the New Yorker again.Digital access to the archive is a definite plus. I'm looking forward to many happy hours learning about things I didn't know could be interesting.

  • Frenzied Mom - Great Chair!

    My little one was tired of her standard high chair, so I invested in this seat for our table. I love it!

  • DocTheology - It Really Works

    I have a prescription cream that is mixed only at the Mayo Clinic and is a special mixture they designed for joints, arthritis, and damaged muscles. It costs about $150 for 4 oz. I admit that the prescription has a little more punch in the numbing effect. However, on selected days I use the Australian Dream Cream and find that it is a solid relief for the pain and muscle soreness. I have arthritis in the neck, shoulder and knees from a serious accident over 20 years ago and this cream provides me about 75% relief on the days I use it. They do have a good guarantee to send back the empty container if you do not like it, but read the small print...you have to send the jar back within a limited time and it is really not enough time to see the long-term effects on your joints and your needs. But I think there is good value to the cream.

  • Amazon Customer - This is the best LED light out there for the price!!!

    This light has almost no rival in full spectrum grow LED for the price point. Sure, platinum LED lights may be the ferrari of grow lights, but I can't justify the $450 price point of a platinum LED (I have one) compared to this one at $139 is almost unbelievable. this light comes in great packaging, with enough cushioning to prevent any damage to the product during transit. It was setup in my hydro grow tent in about 5 minutes. It does come with hanging cables, but they are not adjustable, so I bought the recommended adjustable cable along with the light. The cable holds the light pretty well, it is heavier than you would expect, but by no means is this light the heaviest grow light I've seen (its somewhere in the middle weight wise). The casing the light comes in is a pretty solid plastic, and I think it will stand up to wear and tear, but I cant speak for what happens if you drop it. Once plugged in, it is extremely simple to operate. There are two power swtiches on top, one for VEG which gives mostly blue and white light (more white than blue but the blue is very evidently there), and the bloom light which is mostly orange/red (with a hint of yellow). The option to have both the BLOOM and VEG switches on is also possible, giving the full spectrum of light.