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  • James Harris - I love nearly everything about this game

    I love nearly everything about this game. I only wish the online store offered a wider variety of songs to expand my library. The songs do get a little bit old after a while.

  • kjbearanator - Lilly love

    I love my Lilly planner so much, it seriously holds my life in its pages. Actually big enough to write everything!!

  • Seattle Seahawk Lady - It's A Godsend

    I have had Diabetic Neuropathy in both legs, for years. As a Registered Nurse, I've researched the current available medications prescribed for this condition and my Doctor has tried me on all of them, none of which relieved the extreme pain from this condition. Others who have this condition would tell you it impacts all aspects of your life, including getting a good night of uninterrupted sleep, the inability to focus at work due to the pain and how it negatively affects your social life because the pain prohibits us from going places.

  • Mark Reiter - nice case - just be aware that it's thick

    Interesting concept, however, the case was thicker than I expected. It would not fit securely in my car cradle for navigation.

  • thebearingedge - Do something else for internet TV

    Negative reviews for this product seem to talk about an overall "cheapness" to RabbitTV. Here's why.

  • bryan - Evolution marches on.

    Vastly different then past exploits. Still very entertaining and Gaga. Everyone has to evolve with the times or the times will evolve without you. I welcome what she is doing now and what she will do in the future.