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  • Jeff Schultz - Works Great

    Used the adapter so that I could mount my 2014 Samsung 4k Monitor to the AmazonBasics monitor arms (Which are pretty awesome). The adapter worked great. It's not the sturdiest thing in the world, but it does the job as best can be expected with the design Samsung chose for the base.

  • Joe A. Talerico - This is a great mug and keeps beverages cold for hours

    This is a great mug and keeps beverages cold for hours. I can leave the mug in my truck for hours during the Arizona summer and drinks stay cold. We spent for hours shopping during 105 degree weather for about 4 hrs and still had ice water when we return. Well worth the money and 1/2 the price of its competitor. Can't go wrong!

  • Ricky - Great product for weight loss

    I have been using this product for years--it gives me more energy and helps me curb my appetite and overall well being

  • Dean! - 2-stars because I've owned other TENS/EMS devices of better value

    First off, this is an excellent portable TENS device that only uses 2 AAA batteries (incl.) and has 2 electrodes, but if you do some more research you'll realize it is a little high-priced for what you get.

  • Jordan - Waste of 30 bucks

    I did not experience any real noticeable effects from this product. I took two capsules every morning. I felt kind of short fused, or easily agrivated while taking this. Went away a few days after I stopped taking it.

  • Joseph O. - Fix it Sony!

    I hope that Sony does some firmware updates to make the camera be able to resolve people better. I bought the game for my daughter, and most of the time it won't see her playing by herself, much less playing with multiple people

  • Shel - It did not work for me

    I bought the gal con spray and forget and mixed it as directed. The instructions suggested that by using a more concentrated 5 to 1 ration that it would work faster. I used a 6 to 1 ratio and sprayed a small portion of the tiled roof to see how it would work. Two days latter there was a thunder storm which I assumed would wash away most of the dirt and mildew or algae from the roof. The roof only looked dirtier. After 3 weeks I called in a roof cleaning company who powered washed my roof. It turned out sparkling clean. It took them almost 3/4 of an hour to clean that portion of the roof that I sprayed on the Spray and Forget. My neighbor was the one who told me about the product. He had used it on a portion of his roof almost 2 months before I bought mine. His roof never changed and to this day it still looks dirty. I assumed when I bought it that the cleaning procedure of the chemicals in this product would take a while to work. I could not wait. I assumed using a higher concentration the cleaning process would work faster. I thought in 3 weeks I would see something happening and not by seeing a dirtier roof. What really bothered me is that it was harder to remove the dirt with power washing when directions indicated that power washing would accelerate the process of cleaning your roof.