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  • Dennis L. Pollet - Small but roomy enough for my essentials when traveling. ...

    Small but roomy enough for my essentials when traveling. Well constructed. It appears that it will last for years.

  • Madhava - Best purchase I have ever made

    Like many of the other reviewers here I was skeptical about paying nearly $7,000 for a pair of speaker cables, but after thinking about it long and hard I decided to take the plunge. After meeting with my banker to refinance my home I immediately ordered these and sprung for the expedited shipping. Once they arrived I connected them to my home stereo and decided to test them out with my downloaded copy of Pink Floyds 'The Wall'. At the very first note I realized what a wonderful decision I had made. The rising tone from my speakers began to shift, swinging straight from an auditory signal to a tactile one and then on to the visual. The walls began to glow with the resonance of the music. I then felt a deep rumbling vibration that seemed to be the rending of the very world around me. A shape appeared in the air, shimmering in five dimensions and a hundred million colors for which I have no names. This shape consumed my reality, shattering the world around me in to a billion tiny pieces. I found myself traveling rapidly down a long whit tunnel, with the sound of a rushing river mixing with the music, but the music was still distinct. When I reached the end, I found that I was in a deep crystal cave. I could actually feel the weight of the miles of rock above me. Sitting on a giant crystal lotus was a being of pure pulsating light. He/she/it began to communicate with me using the symbols of the Garden of Eden, pure communication without the distortion of language. This being, which I must call a god for wont of a better term, told me to not listen to compressed mp3s using these cables. It then touched me gently, and I found myself thrust back in to my living room with the world restored to sanity. But I will never forget....