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    City: 138.5167 South Australia, Australia

  • James Hough - Tell my wife I loved her...

    I type this as I sit in the smallest room in the house, the wallpaper theme of lighthouses and seagulls mocking me. The tiny carved soaps, for display only, and the towels reserved exclusively for guests, mere set decoration on the stage of my parting. I am at peace; I am ready to go. Had I read the reviews, I may not be in this predicament, but this is no time for regret. Like the Spartans at Thermopylae, though the battle was valiant, the ultimate result was determined before the first arrow was loosed. I shall resign myself to my fate.

  • F. Blanc - unacceptable

    I already have returneed the light relief. After using faithfully for 3 weeks, did not find it helped my aching joints(hip and shoulder). Also found it very awkward to use as it should be used against the skin. The shape made it difficult to keep in place. Hoping I will get my refund in a timely manner.

  • Reed Ledbetter - Beyond awesome!!

    Beyond awesome. This drill/driver kit is insane. Using in an industrial trailer factory environment and even drilling 6" holes with hole saw I am getting 3-1/2 to 4 days on one battery. Unbelievable! Would recommend to anyone out there.

  • C. Currie - Great starter road bike

    For the price, this ride is hard to beat. I am totally addicted to road biking now because of this machine.