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  • Shirley Krieger - Forced Update

    I'm running 2011. And I'm being forced to update to 2014 or else my 2011 will not work with my bank. To a product that for most people DOESN'T WORK properly. How can Intuit do this ? It should be illegal. I think there maybe should be a class action lawsuit or something. How can a company make you pay for a product that does not work by taking away the functionality of a product you are using and paid for ?? What a terrible company ! But they have us by the you know what because it is so difficult to switch to another company's product. Shameful. And probably illegal. Any lawyers out there ???

  • Michael - Never buying this...

    ...simply based off the reviews. I have wasted hours reading the reviews on this product, and I must say, I haven't stopped crying and laughing long enough to call 911 for my broken ribs. This is by far and away the most fun reading anything that I've had in months, and I salute the innards of every poor soul that ate these with every ounce of respect I can give them for bringing me this hilarity. I thank you.

  • Jon and Madison Foster - I have been giving them to my 13 year old son and he seems to be feeling better and his hair is more thicker and they are ...

    I don't think I have been taking these long enough to really notice a change, however, I have been giving them to my 13 year old son and he seems to be feeling better and his hair is more thicker and they are not chalky tasting, that was one thing I was worried about, they are just like eating gummy fruit snacks.

  • Holly - Great product if you're starting a coin collection!

    I purchased this coin collection holder for my husband and he absolutely loves it. Holds the coins firmly in place and is a very nice display. Very reasonably priced! Highly recommend.

  • B Agee - Horrible Instructions, Good Product

    The fit was perfect. Instruction very vague but with other posts was able to figure it out. Definitely need to improve the installation instructions. Sturdy & Durable for kayaks and paddle boards.

  • NWilliamson - Great Stuff

    Awesome coffee. The shipping is also great. Ordered at least twice and will order again. I ordered more of this coffee for my Dad. He's not the easiest to please when it comes to coffee but he loves this.

  • Shirley Weng - Great but the mall stole my moneys

    I see some people saying it's watery and such. The guy at the mall immediately opened it once I purchased it and said he had to let the air out. I am assuming this is what causes it to become more of a gel like substance. He was extremely insistent and enthusiastic. He made it seem like he was hiding the "discount" he was giving me, from his boss who was walking around. He said it was 80$ but then he pulls out a calculator and shows me $39.99! And woe is me I forgot to check trust amazon and I fell for it. He also charged me for the moisturizer despite me telling him to only charge me for the facial peeling first, since I wasn't not sure my card was at it's limit. He saw that I had mastercard and said they have some deal with mastercard and gave me another discount on the moisturizer after he showed me the price it would pull up oh the computer. Obviously they didn't have a deal with master card, and they were just willing to say anything to get you to buy the product. On the other hand, it really isn't that bad. Just extremely over priced in malls. The people who sell it, namely the guy I had the misfortune of encountering, are so sus.