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  • Chi Guy - Great taste. Works well. A little bulky for the dose. Wish I could give 4.5 stars.

    If you read my other reviews, my ongoing theme is balance is better than excess. B-12 is a very good vitamin to supplement. However, many supplemental forms come in 1000 - 5000 mcg. Your body only needs 2.4 mcg (MICRO-grams, not MILLI-grams).

  • michael bell - I love this alternative to flossing.

    This is the first one of these that i have ever tried so i honestly have my experience with this to compare it to. When i pulled this out of the box it was quite bigger than i thought but then i realized that is because of the water tank. The biggest thing that i like when it comes to this is that it is rechargable. A lot of devices like this run on batteries this one is rechargeable. I also like the assortment of tips you can use. You are not just stuck with one. I personally hate flossing so this is a great alternative for me. the 3 modes let you choose what kind of stream you want which is another nice plus. Overall i am very happy with this product.

  • amber haynos - Different

    This was a good read. I didn't want to put it down and just wanted to figure out the mysteries. A few twists and a satisfying ending.

  • tammiegirl - I believe that taking one good daily multi-vitamin will produce the same benefits in a ...

    My objective in purchasing and using this product was mostly to give my hair a little "boost". I have noticed the past year or so that my hair is a bit more limp, thin, and lacks body. Although I was consistent with taking regular multi-vitamins, I thought I would try this brand, since it is supposed to provide a lot of the nutrients required for healthy, vibrant hair. Unfortunately, even after regular use for about 6 months, I have not noticed any significant improvement in the quality and health of my hair. As for my skin and nails... well, my nails have always been very healthy and strong. I can say that while using this product, they may be growing a bit more quickly. My skin has not noticeably changed in any way. The only thing I can say with regard to that, is perhaps as the colder, drier air of fall and winter become a factor, maybe the vitamins will help with the dry skin issues that have in the winter. Another negative, the dosage of these vitamins is 3 capsules per day. For the money, I believe that taking one good daily multi-vitamin will produce the same benefits in a more economical manner.


    This jelly sheet is very thin and pops when in the oven so loudly that it scares the wits out of you the first time it happens. You think your oven is exploding. It is difficult to clean and after several uses discolors and you can't scrub it off. It is useful but not a high grade product.. You get what you pay for.

  • Clay - 07 reg cab 4x4

    This bumper was easy to put on but it required some Drilling. The installation instructions were a little vague and did not tell you the bumper required Drilling to mount it more securely(2 of the 5 bolts on each side of the frame rails ). It worked with my aftermarket tow hitch, but i had to drill through it, all 1/2 inch of it. It's a good addition and i should have done it sooner. Got mine for $368 last week. It was easy to put on, just time consuming, it was my first solo install with limited hand tools and cordless drill.