Visualization in Engineering | Home page - <br/><p>Visualization in Engineering publishes original research results regarding visualization paradigms, models, technologies, and applications that contribute significantly to the advancement of engineering in all branches, including medical, biological, civil, architectural, mechanical, manufacturing, industrial, aerospace, and meteorological engineering and beyond. The journal solicits research papers with particular emphasis on essential research problems, innovative solutions, and rigorous validations. All submitted articles should explicitly include these three main elements. The journal publishes content in the form of research articles, review papers, technical notes, and case studies. These original papers typically:</p><p>• report the latest progress in the engineering discipline with regard to applying visualization methods</p><p>• are relevant to visualization and help to provide a scientific basis by which decision-making in engineering becomes more reliable, spontaneous, and creative</p><p>• contain novel research that demonstrates the science behind knowledge-intensive engineering tasks</p><p>• validate the generality, power, and scalability of new methods through rigorous evaluation, both qualitatively and quantitatively</p><p>• conduct rigorous reviews of state-of-the-art visualization technologies that facilitate engineering tasks</p><p>• demonstrate practical and robust case studies in which innovative approaches are implemented.</p>

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  • Carl Wadey - Spectacular tomatoes

    Oh, so on re-reading the book, it's nitrogen, phosphorus, and POTASSIUM in garden fertiliser. Not Uranium. My bad, great product, and I'm now off to take the tomato plant for its walk.

  • Kd7ctv - This is a pretty cool little light

    This is a pretty cool little light. It runs on three AA batteries and once in if you pull the top and bottom apart you get the lantern part which is pretty bright. Then there is a switch on the bottom side of the case that will turn on the flash light. It's not the brightest, but it'll work to help you spotlight something or a path where you might need to walk. the handle can move from being on the side to being on the back top part so you can carry it as a lantern. It seems well built and as I said it was bright enough when using the lantern part of it. I have other lanterns but this one is one of the nicer ones I've tested or bought. I'm very happy with it.

  • PED130 - This book is a better format and easier to read than other authors I ...

    This book is a better format and easier to read than other authors I looked st. I highly recommend this author. You will be very pleased!

  • April R Symes - Immortal Always and Forever

    Love the Immortal Ops series. This was a fast moving book that has great characters and good plot. Immortal Ops Team Captain Lukian Vlakhusha and his newest target Peren ended up falling hard and fast for each other.

  • Amazon Customer - This awesome product works great

    This awesome product works great! Some of my friends also say they are really good shades. They give some privacy but not too dark to drive

  • bob kittle - Good ball for the money

    Have used these balls for 2 years and like the performance and hard cover . Also liked the feel around the greens .