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  • Linda Jones - Juice

    The Juice was good did not lose the 10 pounds,but did lose about 7,so that was better than nothing.I might order again sometimes.


    This is a Christian pyramid scheme and the reason everyone feels so energized is because of the "natural stimulants" in it.

  • Shirley Schwartz - What an excellent way to introduce children to literature.

    Aesop's Fables are a good way to introduce children to fine literature. This is especially easier in lovely illustrated editions. These fables of ancient Greece have been known to civiliation for centuries, and they are as apt now as when they were penned in the sixth century A.D. These fables were devised by Aesop to get out of any difficulty that he may have encountered with his master. He was a slave after all. The stories were mainly about the birds and beasts of field and forest, but everyone except Aesop's rather stupid master understood the meaning behind them. A fairly quick and easy read, but one well worth attempting.

  • J.W. - It continued to work after I upgraded from Windows 7 to 10. I was told it wouldn't. So I'm happy.

    This product has worked well for what I use it for. Primarily that is making CDs. I realize that is old fashioned but my stereo in my car doesn't have a plug in for my iPad so this works well for me. It is easy to use, mostly I could have used the burning program that came with Windows (XP, 7, & now 10) but this had some extra features I liked. I never made video DVDs so I don't know how convenient/easy that aspect of it is.

  • anisha wilson - No work even put it on after a shower I applied

    Nope it don't work for me I did this after a shower and still nothing I did it every day and still nothing it came nicely it came fast had to have somebody sit by because they'll just leave the package there so like I said the cream does not work for all that I would have the marks gone already or at least somewhat disappear and none of my marks of disappeared this stuff didn't really work for me at all and I have deep wounds like not even that deep but I'm talking about scars and they don't go away because using this cream up and keep on buying this product for it to disappear no I haven't seen even a little with smart disappear I will never buy this product again I really would like to buy something else and rather than sit there and use that cream it was a good texter and everything that's why I gave it a star could a texter but everything else I didn't do that's why I gave it to stars and because I like the texture in the snow but I'm not giving you any other stores because the fact is it didn't do it it said it was going to do

  • J. Delgado - tastes great, I use it in smoothies and make desserts ...

    I bought the vanilla! tastes great, I use it in smoothies and make desserts with it. It's the only one that I could find that's low calorie, high in protein and Zero Carbs! The only downside is that you can only get it online, I wish I could pick it up in a store. I will definitely purchase again!

  • Mike G. - Great Travel Tool

    Easy way to take your travel advice and good reading on the road with you. Would recommend to anyone who travels regularly for business or pleasure.