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  • mInThisMoment - I got a pretty sweet deal.

    Pretty great deal on this Xbox One WITH Kinect. Even though the Kinect is basically slowly dying out...AGAIN. Xbox 360 didn't fair better and this is suffering the same fate. For what is normally I think a $500 system with Kinect, getting it for $200 cheaper is pretty amazing. If you're trying to get a Xbox one and the gimmick of a Kinect doesn't grab you, then you should definitely just go for the already less expensive Xbox One WITHOUT a Kinect. If you can, get the 1tb hard drive Xbox One if it's about $50 more since that's the average price for a 1tb so might as well get it already with the system instead of buying afterwards. Other than that, I took 1 Star off because I did not get the AC cord that connects to the Power brick, I'm sure it was just a honest mistake. The exterior of the console itself wasn't in perfect shape but I knew that before I bought it. I'm looking forward to finally playing some games with my friends who refused to get a PS4 because they are stubborn Micro$oft fanboys/girls. Also the Xbox One has come a long way, I'll give them credit. They've been making efforts to fix their original plan back when they first announced the Xbox One. They can honestly only go up at this point...but be careful Micro$oft...we might choose sides in the Console Wars...but we will not accept bad decisions regardless of which company! Gamers have a voice!!!

  • Edward Berger - buyer beware

    this blender has a very powerful motor.but it is built with very cheap parts.i had to have the lid replaced twice,because you have to force it to fit,and because it is cheap plastic it breaks main gripe is that there is a opening on the bottom and food gets in the have to take off the handle and clean it.the smell is putrid.i have had carafe replaced already.go and find a good 1,000 watt blender,you might pay a lot,but the quality will be better,you get what you pay for.

  • David Fox - Update of Apolyon Rising, but has new material

    This is basically an update of Apolyon rising 2012. If you have read that, then I don't think the extra information is worth the read. If you have not read Apolyon , then this is a must read. Horn is very well versed on mythology and the plans of the elite. If you are a courageous person with an open mind, then please read either this or Appolyon rising.