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  • MSD_17 - Be aware if use use a hidden SSID

    Was very disappointed to set there was no way to add a hidden/non-broadcasted SSID. had to go into my router settings just to broadcast, then the app wouldnt confirm connection even though unit LED turned green which means connected to wifi network. Needless to say i had to reset the device several times...never connected to app until i quit app and reopened but the connection was still inconsistent. After finally connecting I decided to re-hide my SSID network and all hell broke loose. Defineitely returning for a WEMO switch

  • Dave - Not Happy

    I have taken this product for awhile now and can't say that it's had any effect on my life. It's hard to believe how much they charge for things like this. I wouldn't recommend spending money on this. I'm trying to change my diet, that's probably a smarter way to go.

  • Rob Harmon - Best Bang For The Buck

    I shopped around and found this to be an affordable option to my need. Easy to install. The best part is that I ordered it and the first one came in damaged but inside an undamaged package. My thoughts were, "oh boy, here we go. How are we going to get this thing replaced and what is it going to coast me." Walked in the house, got on line with Amazon and BAM! Right there on the site was exactly what I needed to explain the problem, how to have the damaged unit picked up and how to get my new cover. The next day UPS picked up the first one and within a few days I had a new cover. Amazing! These guys have their act together.

  • Crystal - Fun for the Family

    This game was so much fun and the XBOX One ROCKSSSSS! The kids can see themselves on the 54 inch tv and the game even records the dancing and puts funny effects on you. Then you can save it and even upload to social media. Great songs too. Highly recommend.

  • Hollimommy - not working at all

    It smells nice, but the fleas seem to enjoy the smell as well, since there are actually more on the dog than before treatment. The spray turns slimy and thick like shampoo even when "lightly misted", and I've yet to see an expired flea. Two weeks of treating and vacuuming like crazy, and no improvement. Don't waste your money!