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  • Mike T - DON'T BUY IT!!!

    I have been using quickbooks since I started my business 15 years ago. If you use the email feature to send out invoicing then you need to upgrade every three years. This upgrade is now over $500. They are using strong arm tactics forcing people to purchase upgrades that really don't add any more functionality that is really considered an upgrade. I hear that if you use the payroll portion of quickbooks it is even worse. Don't buy this software unless you want your business to be hyjacked every three years or sooner. They know how to extort money from you.

  • GAIL K. - Amazing Product

    Transfer factor is amazing, I use it for my family including my pets. It helps heal wounds and clear infections. I wouldn't be without it.I have many stories of Transfer factors effectiveness on people and dogs. My mini poodle had cataract surgery and his eye was taking a long time to heal. I was going through a regime of eye drops as prescribed by my doctor, but there was redness and obvious pain for my poor dog. A friend turned me onto Transfer factor I gave Mickey who was only 9- 10 pounds, one capsule and the redness was gone the next day. So okay maybe that was a fluke. A few months later, My mother was playing with one of her grand-kids, a toddler th baby was sitting on her lap. The baby playfully banged her head into my Moms face. When I saw her a day later she had a swollen and bruised Lip and mouth which was making it hard for her to speak. I recommended 6 transfer factors for a few days. The swelling and bruising was gone within three days. It's weird when you take transfer factor for a bruise you can see the healing really does accelerate. The bruise goes quickly from blue to yellow and the bruise doesn't fade but kind of clears up. The last story is about Shimmi, was a Stadforshire Terrier. At age five Shimmi got a mast cell cancer tumor on her back leg. I brought her to Animal Medical Center in NYC. The suggested removal of the tumor and chemotherapy, but her prognosis was not good they indicated possibly 3-6 months. I had the tumor removed and Shimmi started to get really thinand her coat dulled, We went to Cornell in Ithaca for her chemo-treatment (great Doctors and a caring facility). I added transfer factor Shimmi was about 335 lbs so 5 a day to the mix of medicines that e were giving her. Shimmi's cancer went into remission,. Here coat became shinny and she gained back her weight and muscle tone. She lived for another 5 years. The longest surviving cancer patient at the time in Cornell.

  • Allen - Glad I got it

    I was on the fence about buying this but I'm so glad I did. I agree with what other reviewers are saying, start slow and work your way up to the more intense games. The demo disc that's included gives you a nice variety of games and playing these games (like office simulator) really helped me adjust to the VR without getting nauseated or a headache. I actually ended up playing the demo disc all night instead of the 3 games I got with it (really good to help you decide what games you would like and what ones you wouldn't). I do wear glasses and I did notice a bit of light on the bottom-right of the headset coming in when I had my glasses on but not enough to affect the gameplay and it was easily fixed by turning off the lights. I also played Resogun and even though it's not a VR game, 3D effects on this game with the VR headset on really brought this game back to life and I'm actually looking forward to going home and playing it again. Overall I would say if you've been considering it and you can afford to get it, I would recommend it. This really brought gaming up to a whole new level.