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Utah Statewide Archaeological Society - A nonprofit organization coordinating archaeological activities within the state of Utah, including chapter locations offering lectures, education, and volunteer opportunities.

Country:, North America, US

City: -111.9007 Utah, United States

  • Luciana Vasquez - Not working

    Since I am using the products, I noticed it did the opposite effect, I am usually hungrier and my anxiety levels

  • Scott Hebert - Air intake ford Ecoboost

    Installed it on my 3.5 ford Ecoboost did notice an increase in power but not a big increase in fuel mileage.

  • Bouvette - Supersmile Whitening System

    I have been using this product for years and am hooked on it! It visibly whitens teeth after every use and gives you that fresh just came from a dental cleaning feel!!! You use just a small amount of each about the size of the tip of your baby finger so it lasts quite a long time! I would give this a five star recommendation, it is so much more convenient than the old-fashioned whitening trays and the strip--and another good thing is that it works on bonding and crowns as well as your natural teeth!

  • Descca - Recommend - a lot of little nuggets for those of ...

    Recommend - a lot of little nuggets for those of us who write. A great reminder of how one should deliver the written word to those who have to read it. Should be read by anyone interested in writing with clarity and correct style.

  • Linda McGee Landers - This is the best shampoo I've ever used

    This is the best shampoo I've ever used. I have short fine thin hair and it's really hard to find a shampoo that does weigh down my hair. I bought this size before and it lasted a year! You only need a tiny bit. It's worth the price!

  • LodgingLady - Will continue to use. Best I've found so far.

    Maybe my wrinkles are beyond repair or maybe if I stopped using this I'd really notice the difference but so far I don't see a huge change. There isn't much in this little bottle so be prepared to have it on auto-ship. I do like the consistency and how smoothly it absorbs into my skin. If I use too little, my face feels dry but if I use too much around my eyes, they are super dry in the morning. Use sparingly there.