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  • J.R. Nunez - People say Great Product, If you can get it to function - I WOULDNT KNOW BAD PURCHASE!!!

    I was very skeptical seeing almost a 50/50 split of great reviews compared to bad reviews for the GoPro. I did my research and the GoPro seems to be the camera that should work for me. I thought, or hoped is the better word, that all these problems would be resolved with the latest update, which is why I held off so long from purchasing till GoPro got their act together. So much for that logic.

  • Terry O. - easy pour bottle

    You simply cannot go wrong with the full bodied thickness of Pace. Lots of chunky vegetables and a robust flavor. Other brands I have tried were watery and had washed out flavor. Pace leads the way with a convenient plastic, easy pour bottle.


    I decided to pay for the full price book with the one year online access card, and the book was not shrink wrapped, and did not contain said access card. Clearly had been opened, and returned and then sold as new. Will be returning it most likely and taking my business elsewhere if I don't have this rectified somehow. False Advertising, very disappointed, might save money over your campus book store but you know at least there that it will include the material that it is supposed to.

  • Bigmac - This Book Fails at Humor and Most Importantly ACT Tips!

    If you're looking for an actual guide to help you boost your ACT score look elsewhere, because this isn't it! This book is written by a bunch of authors who think if they throw in enough Geek-Humor you will be relaxed and laughing at their pathetic attempts at humor.

  • elizabeth osorio - I got a 2 month supply & I didn't see ...

    These vitamins aren't any good, they are big, they won't dissolve. They also gave me stomach pains, at 1st i didn't think it was the vitamins, so I continued to take them, but the pain continued. I stopped using them, then the pain stopped, I would not recommend these vitamins. Don't waste your money or time.