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  • gwenna dews - I have nothing bad to say about this serum

    I have nothing bad to say about this serum. Its super light and I would guess work perfect on sensitive skin. Almost as light as water and leaves your skin feeling smooth and even, Goes well under a cream to lock in moisture. I would tell anyone about this product extra for those who don't like heavy or strong. I have to say that the bottle is beautiful the most pretty bottle I have seen ever. I will keep it just for looking at when its empty. I paid almost nothing to try it out how great is that.

  • Hannah - Absolutely horrible service!

    I would not suggest buying from this company, if you want an airbrush makeup machine find it somewhere else. You'll get stuck paying extra fees that cannot be refunded, and even if you try calling customer service they will tell you it's out of their hands. By any means save yourself from the trouble and hassle it takes to get anything done with Luminess Air company.

  • momof3boys - This is the perfect pick-me-up for the Christmas season

    Kindness: it's something I believe in, so the theme of this story is so meaningful on so many levels, especially a book with a Christmas theme.

  • Stacy L. Worczak - Save your MONEY

    My case worked for 3 months - just in time for me not too have the warranty. It also gave me issues with my wifi and GPS. Something with the battery inside the case and my phone. I would NOT get this case again.

  • CeeJ - Five Stars

    Rubicon Unlimited Hard rock rides smooth on pavement and rough surfaces. Can't wait to take this on the trail.

  • Alan N. Fleming - Could have saved a lot of money if I tried Bar's Leaks first.

    My truck was overheating. Replaced thermostate and some hoses. Still overheating. So, i took to my mechanic who replaced the radiator. Still overheating. One treatment of Bar's Leaks and the problem was cured. Could have saved a lot of money if I tried Bar's Leaks first.

  • Dean - don't trash your deck with this

    Looks good until you actually use your deck. Instructions say 3 days until putting furniture on it, takes 3-5 WEEKS to fully harden. 9 days after applying per directions, moved my grill around, the rubber wheels left TRACKS. The slightest friction leaves a black smudge mark. Unless you want to repaint your deck every day, don't use this stuff! I hope our house sells before somebody realizes how bad this stuff is.