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  • James Breighner - I always use weather tech on all of my new ...

    I always use weather tech on all of my new vehicles. They always fit, and will not let any moisture on the carpets

  • Amazon Customer - Wow, I suppose all the cases spigen has to ...

    Wow, I suppose all the cases spigen has to offer are fake, too. When the iPhone 6 came out I had a case for it before the phone was released. Guess what!? It fit perfectly when I received the phone. OHEMGEE!

  • Nanaks - Best book

    Omg! We used this the entire time in Rome. We got to calling it "the book" because we each would remember something we read and then say.." well the book says....". Never steered us wrong. We stayed outside of Rome and did need to get a bus map, but other than that it was all from the book. I did get a kindle version of a travel book..we never used it. The paperback was just easier to use. Rick has me hooked...will definitely use his books whenever possible!

  • Megan/Lisa Greene/Moe Riley - Lisa Greene/Moe

    I hate this company, they waste your time and hang up on you/didn't receive my oven yet, they say my card declined, so I had to fax over my trans-actions, Ive spent 3 hrs I know of my time just to bad customer service. IBC nuwaveoven.com

  • James Callahan - Will charge Mac book at half speed.

    Okay so this thing does what it says it does. But here's the thing for people who are buying this to be a Mac book charger it will charge at half the speed. The MacBook can revive 29w and this is only 15w. So just a heads up. Additionally, I also had an issue with the USB cable itself. It got hot which made the plastic holding the USB-c connect in softer so when I went to take it out the cord broke pretty easy.

  • Amazon Customer - Awesome coloring planner

    Pictures are pretty detailed that you need to color. Each week there is a different coloring page. Not good for large markers because the spots you need to color are small. I like the abstract designs though.