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    City: 54 , United Arab Emirates

  • rmitche1 - Great USB Charger!! (I bought 3!!)

    This is great for CHARGING your usb devices. I have no problems charging my phone, my two sena devices, my nano, and my kindle at the same time. I would recommend this product. I bought 3, one for the home office, one for the night stand and one for my desk at work.

  • Jonie Witner - Dead Doctors book

    Don't know where I got the info on this book and then decided to order it but it sure is a wealth of knowledge. I am a faithful vitamin taker after reading it. Good reference book.

  • Jin Chai - I works

    I bought this for my mom, but I tried it first on myself. I have pain on my shoulder, I put it on my shoulder as described in the manual. It worked, the pain disappeared after a few minutes using the device. It will not cure the pain, it only makes the pain disappear for a few hours. The pain will come again, so you need to use it again. It is a good device.

  • dgve - But I give it two stars because of the excellent customer service from RoC

    This made my face break out. But I give it two stars because of the excellent customer service from RoC. I phoned them to tell them the problem and they replaced the product with one that worked well on my skin type.

  • Brian - Great anti-glare coating, terrible stand

    The best thing about this monitor is that the anti-glare coating works extremely well. If you want to have your computer in a room with lots of light, it's outstanding. I couldn't find any other IPS monitor with an anti-glare coating in this price range.

  • J. Bitney - Great stroller!

    I am usually not very enthusiastic about the umbroller-type stroller. They always seem cheap and unstable, as well as being all but unusable for the children who cannot yet sit up. This stroll is fantastic!! It has a belly bar, which I really appreciate, as it gives him something to hang onto. He is five months, so I am able to put him into one of the four positions which will allow to see all around him without tipping over or off to one side. It folds easily, opens easily (but not as easy on a carpet as the wheels cannot slide sideways while unfolding), and I love that I can have the canopy in different positions to block the sun. It has a cup-holder for me, and a nice netting underneath the whole affair so that I can take along emergency supplies in case of a diaper blow-out. There is a leg rest for his use now, and later it will fold down and out of his way. The street in our rural area is asphalt but with occasional gravel and a hole or three, but it handles all of it well. There is little to not like about this except for the instructions. I understand that there have to be directions in MANY languages, but the illustrations are not always clear. Be patient, though, for they are logical once you see what they are talking about.

  • Neil - Needs .NET 3.5 or crashes

    I've been using the FTM product line for about 15 years now. This version requires Microsoft's .NET 3.5 to work, which of course none of the packaging or systems requirements tell you, you need.