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    Signed up for auto delivery with a Nerium Brand partner. She said I can't just buy one bottle without signing up for auto delivery which meant I had to produce a credit card number and the Nerium Co. would automatically send me another bottle in 30 days from date of 1st purchase. I was reluctant to agree to the auto delivery because I wanted to try the product 1st to determine if I liked it enough to order more. She said if I decided I didn't like the product, I could cancel the auto-delivery within 10 days of the auto-delivery and I would be given a refund of the purchase price (not including shipping and handling charges). Several problems for me. 1) the shipping and handling costs are high....close to $17...which brought up the cost of the product to approx. $100 per bottle. 2) The time-frame for return begins when the co. SHIPS the product from their site...which takes several days. I have a private mail box and go to my mailbox about 1 time per week, so I

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    there great ive been taking them alone for about 4 weeks ive lost 10 pounds no exercise no change in eating i don't feel as hungry so i don't eat as much but other than that i don't notice any difference in the way i feel and you don't wanna lose weight to fast anyway it can make your skin saggy if you do...... so i love it i ve tried lots of others my main problem with diet pills are dehydration these don't cause that i just notice when i weigh a couple times a week ive always lost a few pounds 10 pounds a month i figure 5 months 50 pounds less good deal