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  • Timothy Rasmusson - Exactly what I was looking for...

    Perfect solution to monitoring a vacation home. Simple set up and works as advertised. Was using Internet to watch the house, this will save me $2000/ year.

  • Henri - Great glue!

    OMG!!! If you don't want any of your wood work projects, you'll love this! The outside wood will break before the glued joint will!! I highly recommend this glue!

  • Larry F - ATP AT-205 Re-Seal Stops Leaks

    Tried stopping leak on a small rear main oil seal leak.....2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 177,000 miles.

  • Ryan - Good computer but windows is not active you will have to buy it...

    Easy setup, very quiet and runs smooth. The only thing I don't get is why is there a water mark at the bottom right side of the screen that reads "Activate Windows Go to Settings to activate Windows." I went to settings and looked on the bottom of the page now it says " The product key used on this PC didn't work with this edition of Windows. You might need to get in touch with the store or company you bought Windows from, enter a different product key, or go to the Store to buy genuine Windows. Error Code: 0xC004C003" So you buy a $1000 desktop and think everything is good then you don't even get the full version of windows. I am not paying $119 more dollars to have something that should already be active on my computer. This should be fixed like asap.

  • LilMomma - Pills, Pills, Pills, Pills....oh did I mention the Pills?

    The cleanse portion was ok but the 14 day phase that followed was not a pleasant experience. There are so many pills to take especially if you use the "complimentary" products that are recommended. Big, hard to swallow pills that do nothing to help with weight loss except get you to fill up with the water you use to take them. If you follow the eating plan they suggest you WILL lose weight WITHOUT all of the products they sell you. The diet plan is portion controlled lean proteins, complex carbs and vegetables spaced out during the day avoiding most dairy, sugar and fried foods....of course you lose weight.

  • Alex - Quality problem.

    My kids complained that in some songs audio is ahead of the video. This makes playing impossible. This is the first time we've experienced this issue, and only with this game, so it is not our controller.