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  • nicole t coovert - SMOOTH and affordable!

    This reel is AMAZING out of the box. No play in the crank shaft and SUPER smooth. Gonna pair it up with 20lb flourokote and go to work on some largemouth's!

  • Ronald Hill - Hess trucks

    The children were disappointed that the batteries did not come as. Advertised on the box. The grandchildren have been getting the Hess trucks for 31 years now.

  • Mahogany - Go Ahead and Get It! :)

    I'm not one for hype, but this product truly works. It keeps my hair nice and strong and the length I've acquired since I first started using it is incredible. It's also the only thing that keeps a small area on the bottom back section of my head from breaking off. I stopped using the product for about 6 months last year and the breakage started up again. Suffice it say, I use it frequently now and I'll never stop. It won't work overnight so, you have to consistently use it. If you do, you'll see results!

  • Amazon Customer - So I've been using this product for about a week and I love that the product doesn't make my skin break out

    I receive this product at a discount to give my honest and unbiased review. So I've been using this product for about a week and I love that the product doesn't make my skin break out. It also doesn't have a harsh smell, its also been doing wonders for my skin. I feel better about going out with my skin looking fresh and younger and it was so easy to add into my routine.

  • barb - not impressed

    Its mainly all ads... no real substance. I like articles. If I wanted a picture book I would look on my baby's bookshelf

  • jghvbv - Need help

    Tried 2 home tests 2 different days and didn't work. I smoke cigarettes. I have been toxin free except cigs for 3 days. See positive results in comments. Would love feedback on what I am doing wrong.

  • Natalie R - Better than a Coozie!

    This coozie/can cooler works amazingly. I am very particular about my mountain dew staying as cold as possible while I'm drinking it. This does a great job of insulating your beverage and also does not promote any condensation on the outside. My soda loses the fizz long before it gets near room temperature. The solid structure of the can cooler is also nice compared to the old style foam coozies and I like that they shaped it to fit in cup holders in the car. It's not too bulky and the can fits snugly inside. They did a nice job designing the screw top that has a rubber lip to keep the can secure. Your lip still touches it a bit so it's weird for the first few sips but after that I no longer noticed it.