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  • Donna - As expected

    Not much to say about checkbook registers other than they are exactly as described, arrived quickly and are what i needed.

  • MSD_17 - Be aware if use use a hidden SSID

    Was very disappointed to set there was no way to add a hidden/non-broadcasted SSID. had to go into my router settings just to broadcast, then the app wouldnt confirm connection even though unit LED turned green which means connected to wifi network. Needless to say i had to reset the device several times...never connected to app until i quit app and reopened but the connection was still inconsistent. After finally connecting I decided to re-hide my SSID network and all hell broke loose. Defineitely returning for a WEMO switch

  • Amazon Customer - Disappointed

    After awhile a screw that connects the leg to the chair on the left side started pushing through the seat. I have put it up until I can figure it out.

  • Stacey Cuevas - Good on flushing

    My husband and I moved into our first home. Our first day I decided to clorox everything down. I opened a kitchen drawer & 10-15 roaches scattered all over the place! I've never lived in a home with roaches so little did I know those 10-15 roaches were the least of my problems. It was into our 3rd day in the house when I realized this house was INFESTED! They were EVERYWHERE. My husband told me Bengal was something his mother used when he was a kid. I was so excited to try it, I was beyond ready to get rid of these horrible things. After reading many great reviews, I couldn't wait to try this product! Sadly, I didn't get what I expected. I didn't wake up to 20 dead roaches & their population didn't seem to decrease. What I can say positive though is that the product does flush them out. 20 minutes after going through 3 cans,Yes 3!!! Roaches were crawling everywhere coming out left & right. But they did not die. They just came out & we swatted away. It's my 3rd week into the house & there is now a roach decrease but I can't give full credit to Bengal because I've also tried a few other things to get rid of them. But I do know after using Bengal for 2 weeks, I didn't notice much decrease, just that it does flush them out from their hiding places.

  • Mohammad R Harati - Move Free Advanced side effect

    I used Move Free Advanced tablet more than one month and last week it started some pain in my right side waist and gradually and day by day this pain enhanced. I thought this might be related to my liver and meanwhile I stopped using this tablet from two days ago and now the pain essentially has decreased. Today I surfed online for finding materials related to side effects of using Move Free Advanced and I noticed that before people had problems regarding to acute liver toxicity.

  • robert m - Almost great cross trainers

    well, they are well made, leather, look nice, comfortable. They are slightly more padded than the previous iteration which is nice for wearing them around but not so great when lifting weights. They are comfortable but billed as cross trainers but the heel is too narrow to make them great runners and the forefoot bereft of any protection or padding for running. If you are looking for a nice black shoe to wear around these would be it but for serious cross training they are not quite the shoe you are looking for.

  • SydSyd - Great Product that works

    Great product that works. I cut my hair the other day it was really short - I had to use the smallest curling iron to curl it. Anyways, I started using groganics DHT blocker oil twice a week to oil my scalp and rub on my hair. It makes the scalp tingly - i guess u can describe it as - like iced cold water dumped on your head. You will feel this for the first 30mins. It has been over a month now and my hair has grown about 3/4 of an inch and it is thicker and it 'behaves' - I normally wrap my hair at nights and using this oil makes my hair wrap easily and falls into place. I highly recommend! I only have this oil, soon I will get shampoo and conditioner.