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  • Robert S Wallace - Terrible! Do not waste your money

    Terrible! Do not waste your money! I gave 2 daughters, both long hair, one curly and thick, the other wavy but not thick. This did not work on either one. Not made well, hard to hold/use, I returned next day. Amazon was great with return process though

  • Amy Red - Handy for fast store runs!

    I love this case except that sometimes the front part gets in the way when I'm trying to use this it's trying to close even when I don't want it closed. But over all super nice to have all you need without having to carry everything with you for a fast store run. You would have phone, money, license, etc all right there without a buky wallet or purse to carry. Other than that just carry your keys :)

  • dReemin - Beautiful, beautiful sleep.

    Now. WHAT YOU HAVE TO KEEP IN MIND IS, you can't take the pills and then hop on xbox to play 'Call of Duty' with your friends if you want this to actually work.

  • Sara Said This.... - I could not be happier! Buying more as we speak!

    This is no joke, it's a REAL AMAZING glass cleaner. I bought it bc the soap scum on my shower doors never went away. This took it right off! I started using it everywhere in my home, my car, and pretty anywhere that needed a shine. I could not be happier! Buying more as we speak!

  • Mbing - I gave 2 stars because hate is a strong word

    I gave 2 stars because hate is a strong word. Really dissapointed is the best description for the following reason. I had been very pleased with this product in every way after receiving several 5lb bottles of it, until all of a sudden I received one which was different in texture, taste and results. It seemed diluted when compared to the last bottles I had ordered. I really like the type of protein, the great taste even with water, etc. But when this last bottle came it took 2-3 scoops to even approach the flavor and consistency of 1 scoop of the last bottle. So, thinking this was a fluke I sent it back and requested a new bottle, same thing. I tried one more time and still the appearance, taste, everything seemed very diluted. I would to love to have this back at its original strength. I am a healthcare provider and people ask me for recommendations for these type of products and I also share with collegues who are health conscious (no, not all of us are...unfortunately!). So please correct this problem. In the mean time I will be using a different product. Not sure which yet.

  • Chrisy - I was on Depo Provera for 12 years, my ...

    I was on Depo Provera for 12 years, my last shot was due April 2014 but I didnt get it so we could start trying. As anyone knows coming off of Depo they say it may take 1.5 years to get a normal period and me being 34 I was not expecting much. I started Pregnitude on July 20th 2014 and found out I was pregnant on October 12th 2014. I was only off of Depo for 6 months and Pregnitude regulated me that quickly. I am now 6 weeks along with our first.